Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a hard competitive game that forces players to spend hundreds or even thousands of hours on becoming successful. The top of the rank system in CS:GO is the Global Elite rank, which is reached by only 2% of players. But to get all the way to the best, you need to start somewhere. We want to show you the top 6 simple but powerful tips that will help you to improve your gameplay and upgrade your CS:GO skills.

Shooter Knowledge Comes First

CS:GO is a first-person shooter (thanks, Cap), where shooting is the chief gameplay mechanic. You cannot be in the first position without good shooting skills (AIM) and knowledge. To be a successful shooter in CS:GO, you need to know a few basics points:

- Default Weapon information - price, damage, etc.

- Spray pattern and recoil compensation. Each weapon in CS:GO has different spray patterns and recoil compensation. Find information about it, and then try to use it in practice.

- The effectiveness of each weapon is different depending on CS:GO situations. With AWP you can control long distances, whereas Nova shotgun is the best weapon for short distances. Use various weapons to get the most out of the game.

CS:GO (2020), Gameplay, Improvement, Tips, Aiming Practice

AIM Improving

After you’ve learned all about weapons, you need to use this knowledge to improve your shooting skills (AIM). AIM is one of the favorite things that distinguishes low ability players from the pro’s. There's no limit to improving your AIM performance. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or a pro, you still need to maintain and improve your shooting skills.

CS:GO (2020), Gameplay, Improvement, Tips, Aiming Practice

One of the leading ways to improve your shooting skills is custom AIM training maps. They allow players to try various competition maps, weapons, crosshairs, and situations. You can also customize multiple positions and movements of the bots to prepare yourself for different game situations. 

Prepare Your Map Pool

There are seven maps in CS:GO, these complete a ranking map pool. Players choose a map from this pool, to play ranking (matchmaking) matches. To become a successful player in CS:GO you need to choose your map pool from these seven maps.

Try all of the maps and then choose one or two that you prefer. You should learn them as thoroughly as possible: all the positions, callouts, ways, etc. This will help you to communicate more effectively with your teammates, understand where you need to wait for your enemies, and move around the map.

CS:GO (2020), Gameplay, Improvement, Tips, Maps

Add new maps to your map pool when you feel confident. You don't need to know them all, just 3-4 maps in detail before you'll get to earn a global elite rank.

Customize Your Radar

It's a prevalent mistake among beginners, as they don't pay much attention to the radar. This tool will help you to understand where your enemies and teammates are and how you need to move around the map. Pro players spend 15-20% of their time watching the radar.

In CS:GO, you can customize your radar with a lot of different points via settings, console, and config. Also, you can add various themes and customization modes, such as simple radar. This will colorize your radar and make it more user-friendly.

CS:GO (2020), Gameplay, Improvement, Tips, Maps

Your Own Mood

We are what we eat. Your psychological mood is a reliable tool to get success in CS:GO. Set yourself up to win, and it will help you in every match. Personally, the best way to set yourself up is to use beautiful skins in CS:GO. It will give you the energy and power to kill your opponents. Sometimes it can even intimidate enemies who then start to fear you. Today, a lot of services allow you to buy cheap CS:GO skins and customize your inventory with unique weapons. Prepare yourself for the way of winners.

CS:GO (2020), Gameplay, Improvement, Tips

Get Enough Rest

It doesn’t matter that you won or lost your last match if you need a rest. Every 2-3 hours, you need to stand up and walk around your room/house/backyard. Your body needs some downtime and this will help you in the future to concentrate on new matches. If you have a losing streak, you need to understand that you're tired and should stop.

CS:GO (2020), Gameplay, Improvement, Tips

I hope these tips will help you to become a successful player. CS:GO is not a casino; you can't win here by accident, only through persistence and constant training will these tips help you. Good luck and enjoy yourself with your teammates!


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