Although 2020 is bound to be remembered for one thing and one thing only, trying to take the positive out of a negative situation really can separate the successful from the futile. Yes, you're confined to your house and it's looking more and more like boredom will get to you long before any virus does! But hey, it's not like you don't have time to sharpen up some of your gaming skills, and that doesn't need you to risk your life by way of physical contact with another mortal.

Gaming is absolutely booming right now. An industry that is very passively valued at around US$180 billion is perfectly suited to a global pandemic and thus continues from strength to strength. Making the most of your gaming time is key to your success and we have some great tips to help the student become the master.

Practice, Practice, Practice

No, this isn't something new to most of us, but maximizing your time in the seat is proven to be the number one way to get better at any game. Knowing how a game plays, inside and out, gives you the confidence to try new strategies, take risks, and ensure your combos are as efficient as possible. In essence, it allows you to get the best out of your game.

Time Management

There are a couple of things that need to be taken care of before you can game, and managing your time better will allow you more time for gaming. A couple of more important things in our lives can and should take precedence over our gaming; eat, sleep, work! Without them, you can't game anyway.

Spend a little time working out how you can manage your time better and free up some time during the day. Sleep for more than 8 hours? You're probably not getting good REM sleep so tweaking your lifestyle can help. Do you go to the supermarket every day? Cook meals that can be portioned down or just buy-in for 3-4 days. And try to clean as you go to ensure the time waiting for dinner to be cooked is used to avoid a three-hour cleaning binge once a week. It's not like that 20 minutes would be long enough to game anyway, right?

Have a Break, Have a KitKat

No, there's no paid promo here for the tasty, chocolate treat. If you have a bad run, you're bound to get that blood boiling and it's all too easy to restart the mission with an aggressive punch of the keys. We've all been there. Manage that time a little better, take 5 minutes away to A) clear your head and B) replenish your nutrients. Removing yourself from the situation gives you a great way to revisit it from a different perspective and to get those nerves under control at the same time. A sneaky 5 minutes here and there won't destroy your time planner, but will help with your mental clarity.

Take Time to Take Care

Ensuring your health is at its peak will not only help you physically but mentally too. Avoiding the Kitkat's (terrible advice) which are loaded with sugar and hitting the fruit and veg will do wonders for your stamina and clarity of mind. And if you're not sucking back on a couple of liters of water per day, you are bound to be suffering from dehydration without even knowing it. With the human body being 75% water, it only takes a little dehydration to cause fatigue, headaches, and a severe loss of clarity. Stay hydrated, stay focused.

Upgrade your Kit

Finally, technology is your friend and the best hardware will make things flow so much better for you. From the speed of your internet, how comfy your chair is, to how powerful your device is, throwing a little spare cash to upgrade will pay dividends. New microphones or headsets will provide clarity to help you focus. And if you're really strapped, take a look around you. Do you really need all those things there? Stripping back some of those distractions could be the little difference that has you competing with the pros and won't cost you a cent. Happy gaming and here's to surviving the apocalypse!


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