FIFA remains one of the most popular sports games on the planet, with millions of fans opting to spend their free time playing the game. The success of FIFA has been unmatched by any other football game on the market and has even led to the competitive ePremier League being introduced.

The game is one of the most eSports that gamblers can bet on. You can keep track of the live eSports odds by Oddspedia to make sure that you always get the best value on your selections. As well as the ePremier League, Ultimate Team remains a popular option for online players, but what are the three highest-rated Icon cards available on the mode?

Pele (CAM)

It shouldn’t be any surprise that a player that is revered by many as the best player of all time has the highest card on the Ultimate Team. Pele won the World Cup three times during his career and added six Brazilian league titles for good measure. His CAM card on Ultimate Team sees the Brazilian have an overall rating of 95 but will set back the player a hefty amount.

He is reportedly worth 6.5 million coins, but most will say that he is worth that. He has a 96 attribute for pace and agility, as well as 95 attributes for ball control, balance, and finishing. Simply put, he is a goal machine for players that have him.

Diego Maradona (CAM)

While some may say Pele is the best player of all time, there are still those that dispute that claim by revealing that they believe that Diego Maradona is the rightful heir to that throne. The legendary Argentine tragically passed away late in 2020, which left the footballing world in mourning. However, Ultimate Team players will be able to replicate what the legendary player was like in his glory years on the field for a cost of 2.6 million coins. The Maradona 95-rated CAM card includes excellent attributes across the board.

He has attributes of 98 for balance, 96 for dribbling, 95 for vision, and 91 for shooting. Ultimate Team players would be delighted to get their hands on this card and play him alongside Lionel Messi to see the damage that the two Argentineans’ could do if they were ever lucky enough to grace the same pitch.

Ronaldo (ST)

During his height, Ronaldo was considered the best number nine to ever grace a football field. The Brazilian was hindered with injury problems throughout his career, but he is still regarded as an inspiration for millions of number nines around the world. Ronaldo’s 94-rated Icon card on Ultimate Team will once again not come cheap, as it is the most expensive on the game.

Players looking to add the Brazilian to their squad will need to pay seven million coins for the privilege. But, they will be getting a proven goalscorer in return. He has a pace attribute of 93, which is the same as his shooting. His 96 attributes for finishing and 91 attributes for shot power will guarantee goals for your Ultimate Team.


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