Hades II: How to Increase Grasp

What is Grasp, Why Increase it, and More!

By nine_toes, Posted 29 May 2024

Grasp is a new mechanic in added Hades II that limits the amount of Arcana you can equip. It encourages players to strategize and plan builds based on which Arcana to equip. Each card you equip fills up a certain amount of your Grasp Gauge. You may want to max this stat out to get the most out of your runs. Here’s how you can do it!

Hades 2 Grasp Screen

Obtain Psyche

To increase Grasp, you must collect enough Psyche. You can periodically obtain psyche throughout your runs at random. Once you have the required amount, you can upgrade it by hovering over the gauge on this screen.

Reward for Clearing an Area

Hades 2 Grasp Guide Psyche Reward

After clearing an area, you may be offered a path to obtain Psyche at the end of the next area. Look out for these paths in future runs!

Purchase from the Broker

Hades 2 Grasp Guide Broker

Between your runs, you can exchange Bones for Psyche from the Broker. The shop is unlocked by performing the Summoning Mercantile Fortune incantation at the cauldron.

Tablet of Peace

Hades 2 Grasp Guide Tablet of Peace

If you have the Tablet of Peace equipped, you can compel wandering spirits encountered randomly in your runs to obtain large amounts of Psyche.


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