Hades II: Learning How Armor Works

What is Armor, How To Counter it, and More!

By nine_toes, Posted 29 May 2024

You can gain an extra health bar with armor in Hades II, but this applies to enemies too. You will encounter several armored enemies as you play the game. This guide covers how you can counter each of them.

Hades 2 Armored Enemies

How to Get Armor

Arachne offers you a dress that grants you armor alongside some buffs, or you may buy it from Charon for 40 Golden Crowns; the amount of armor you receive is randomly determined with each purchase. Keep in mind that if your armor is depleted, you lose the buffs you gained from selecting one of Arachne’s dresses.

How to Break Enemy Armor

Hades 2 Armor Break

When the enemy health bar is yellow, it means they have an extra health bar that you must break before you can dish out your damage. The game indicates when you have broken enemy armor with a text popup that says “BREAK!!” above their health bar. Keep in mind that enemies cannot be staggered or interrupted while their armor is up.

Keep attacking

The best and only way to exhaust enemy armor is through attacking them until it breaks. How you approach combat will vary depending on the enemy you encounter, but they boil down to these main strategies:

Immobilize moving armored enemies

Hades 2 Armor Guide Cast

Use your Cast ability on moving enemies to ensnare them as you deplete their armor. This serves as crowd control and lets you keep a safe distance from enemies. This guarantees consistent damage output since you don’t have to worry about dodging them as they are rooted down.

Use Omega Attacks on stationary enemies

Some large foes remain stationary during battle. To deal a quick chunk of damage, you can use Omega Attacks. Keep an eye on your Magick bar though as this move requires Magick.

Use Boons that Buff Damage Against Armored Enemies

Hades 2 Hephaestus Boon

You can use Hephaestus’ Molten Touch which gives a 20% bonus to your Attack and Special when damaging armored enemies.


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