Hades II: What is Magick, How to Use it and More!

Magick? What's That?

By nine_toes, Posted 29 May 2024

Magick is a brand-new mechanic added in Hades II that primarily allows the player to perform Omega Moves. This guide covers how to use Magick, how to increase Magick and how to use Omega Moves.

Hades 2 Magick Bar

The blue bar above your health bar is yout Magick. Some Magick is consumed whenever you perform an Omega Move. You can perform Omega Moves by holding down any of your attack buttons. This charges up your attacks and unleashes them once you release the button. These charged up moves deal additional damage and also slows down time as you charge up, providing excellent utility as well. Some Boons and Hexes also require Magick to take effect.

How to Replenish Magick?

Hades 2 Replenish Magick

You can replenish Magick at Magick Alters. These can be found randomly throughout your escape. Once used, your Magick will be fully replenished. These alters are quite readily available, so don’t be afraid to use up all your Magick in every stage!

Unlock Arcana: The Unseen

Hades 2 Arcana The Unseen

The Unseen Arcana gives you passive Magick regeneration for 5 Grasp. You gain 2 Magick for each second that passes. This card is ideal for longer boss fights where you may run out of Magick without it. You need 20 Ash to unlock this Arcana.

How To Increase Max Magick Permanently

Unlock Arcana: The Titan

Hades 2 Arcana The Titan

The Alter of Ashes lets you unlock several arcana cards that buff your runs when you activate them by consuming grasp.

Once you have unlocked the arcana before it, you can spend 7 Ashes to acquire The Titan arcana. This permanently increases your Max Health and Magick by 20 for 2 Grasp. Its effect can be further increased by upgrading. You can do this after you have performed the Consecration of Ashes Incantation.

How To Increase Max Magick During Runs

Unlock Arcana: The Centaur

Hades 2 Arcana The Centaur

With 25 Ashes and 1 Cinder, you can unlock The Centaur arcana. With this, you can increase your Max Health and Magick by 3 for every 5 locations you go through for 4 Grasp. Once again, this effect can be increased by upgrading it. For the Awakening effect to take place, you must have cards of grasp 1 through 5 activated.

Acquire Soul Tonics:

You gain Soul Tonics from clearing Encounters in Erebus and beyond or you can buy them from Charon. Your Magick capacity increases by 30 HP whenever you consume a Soul Tonic. Just like with Centaur Hearts, your Magick capacity will return to its base amount after you die, but this effect will stay active and stack until then.


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