11-11: Memories Retold - How to Unlock the Forgiven Ending

How to get Kurt to forgive Barrett

By Grayshadow, Posted 11 Nov 2018

11-11: Memories Retold has a lot of endings but some are hidden behind specific options. Here's how to unlock the forgiven ending.

11-11: Memories Retold,NoobFeed,

During part 3 The Plan Kurt will learn the fate of his son Max, causing him to leave in a fit of rage. Have him hit Harry and continue the campaign as normal until he reaches the part where Kurt threatens a translator. Threaten the person 3 times to unlock an achievement and end closer to the ending.

When you are faced with Barrett have Kurt threaten him all the time and have Harry return home to Julia. When faced with Barrett with his gun in Kurt's hand do not choose to shoot Barrett and just keep talking. With his anger drained Kurt will drop the gun.

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