Top Five Worst PC Ports of this Generation

PC ports that were devastatingly bad

By Grayshadow, Posted 02 Dec 2018

PC gamers tend to get the better versions of games. Thanks to customization options PC players can invest thousands into a machine for the best possible resolution, graphics, and more. However, some games fail to meet the expectation of PC gamers and others simply launch in terrible states. Here are the top 5 worst PC ports of this generation.

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5. Dishonored 2

When Dishonored 2 launched the console versions ran very well, but not the PC versions were another story. Gamers reported that Dishonored 2 was poorly optimized with graphics and framerate dips depending on where you were looking. What added to the frustration was the mouse controls, which fluctuated constantly leading to a lot of whip-fast or slow and cumbersome aiming. Players with extremely powerful PCs were able to avoid many of these problems but those with mid-tier or below found the experience abysmal. 

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4. Mortal Kombat X

Pre-orders for Mortal Kombat X started off fine for consoles users but PC players who pre-ordered the game suffered from another issue. Players were unaware that 29 separate files were needed before the game was unlocked, leading to a lot of angry customers. What added fuel to the fire were the numerous crashes and screen tearing but what really annoyed PC gamers was what the developers tweeted out on January 2016. Developer NetherRealm confirmed that Mortal Kombat XL and Kombat Pack 2 would only come to consoles. Eventually, these options would come to PC but it never the less left a scar on the PC community.

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3. Watch_Dogs

Watch_Dogs  was one of Ubisoft's most controversial products but on PC things were much worse. On top on mouse control issues and performance issues the location of hidden graphics files made Ubisoft a primary target for the PC community. It was such a calamitous blow that Ubisoft had to release an official statement regarding the "downgrade". Modders did confirm that the various "negative impacts" were present when the files were accessed but in general PC players preferred this look over the original which was predominantly negatively criticized.

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2. Quantum Break

Quantum Break wasn't an ideal game, despite what the marketing material would say, and PC players got the short end of the stick with this high-profile release. Performance limitations are something that PC players find unforgivable and Quantum Break had a lot of them. Limiting frames per second, image quality suffering due to reconstruction technique used on Xbox One, and the solid-state drive requirement. It was shocking to see such a poor port considering Remedy's long history of delivering solid PC ports of their previous games.

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1. Batman: Arkham City

One of the worst PC ports of this generation belongs to Batman: Arkham Knight. The issues were so large that WB Games suspended the game's sales and offered refunds to those who purchased the game. Rocksteady stated they were working closely with PC development partner Iron Galaxy to resolve the problems which lead to a massive PR campaign to try and cope with the severe criticisms that followed.

Over the course of weeks, Rocksteady and WB Games would provide patches to fix the glaring issues with retail PC copies being recalled due to the unplayable state the game was in. It wasn't until October 28th, 2015 that Batman: Arkham Knight was released once again with all post-launch content for free. To end such an acclaimed franchise in such a way was unexpected.

What were the worst PC ports you've played? Let us know in the comments below!

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