5 Tips for Far Cry New Dawn

Things you should know about Far Cry New Dawn

By Grayshadow, Posted 14 Feb 2019

Far Cry New Dawn has a lot of deadly creatures and people who want to end you. However, we have some tips to aid in your journey to take down Mickey and Lou. Here are 5 tips for Far Cry New Dawn.

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5. Use Different Weapon Tiers

There's no leveling system, instead, players earn perk points by completing challenges and collecting perk magazines from treasure hunts. Kills with weapons are the best ways to earn perk points and each weapon tier has its own challenge linked to it. Use each weapon to tier to unlock more perk points.

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4. Upgrade Your Buddy and Weapons Bench First

Better vehicles and more health are always helpful but you'll want to have stronger buddies and better weapons in Far Cry New Dawn. Upgrading your weapons bench and "Training" for buddies should be a priority in your home base tab. This will ensure that your friends can endure more damage, making them more efficient at saving you, and the weapons bench will give you better options that you cannot find on the field. And that means more perk points.

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3. Unlock Bases and Save Specialists

Your first priority shouldn't be the story missions but the buddy operations and bases. These will give you extra opportunity to gain more perks, fast travel stations, and Ethonal reserves. In addition, the people who live in these bases will provide information about the locations of treasure hunts, base locations, and other buddies in need of your help. Doing these things asap will make the rest of the journey much easier.

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2. Upgrade Nana and Timber First

You have a great selection of buddies but Nana and Timber are perhaps the best ones. Timber not only can locate hidden items but tell you the location of enemies within range. This is incredibly helpful during sneaking operations.

Nana is also one of the best buddies. While lacking in range this old woman knows how to use a sniper rifle and can take down most enemies in a single hit without being detected. Upgrade her by getting 40 kills and she will have access to the silencer option for her rifle.

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1. Do the Expeditions

While it may seem like an afterthought the Expeditions are the best way to earn rare resources used in "Legendary" and "Elite" gear. If you want the best gear, or get a headstart in unlocking them, do these operations. It'll make the boss battles in the game much easier with upgraded weapons.

Those are our tips for Far Cry New Dawn, now get out there and save Hope County.

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