Far Cry New Dawn How to Defeat The Beast

Defeat your inner demon in Far Cry New Dawn

By Grayshadow, Posted 15 Feb 2019

Far Cry New Dawn has some challenging enemies but one of the most formidable is the one inside you. Once you reach a certain point in the story you're tasked with defeating this demon to earn the special gifts granted by the tree. Here's how to defeat it.

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The creature's only weak point is the belly. You only have access to the bow and arrow but the bear will expose its belly after swiping its massive claws. Simply run around and wait for the swing, look back, and rapid shoot into its chest. Once enough damage is done the fires will blow out.

The protagonist will instantly equip its fire arrows, use them to light the bonfires found in the 4 corners of the map but be aware that the bear will attack and cannot be harmed. Once done the battle will resume as normal, continue to shoot arrows into the belly of the creature until the flames blow out again and repeat the process.

During the third phase, your Wraith ability will trigger. Use your fist to beat the demon and you'll earn 5 new powers and Joseph's help.

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