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What are the best video games to release from Rockstar Games

By Grayshadow, Posted 18 May 2019

Rockstar has an acclaimed reputation of releasing some of the best open-world titles in gaming. With the most recent game from the studio Red Dead Redemption 2 setting a new standard for open-world games. However, what is the best games to release from Rockstar? Here are our top 5 best video games from Rockstar Games.

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5. Manhunt

Rockstar has always been the center of controversy and Manhunt was one of the companies most infamous games. A third-person title that mixed together stealth and psychological horror. The game was so graphic for its time that it almost banned in the US due to receiving an AO rating. To which Rockstar re-edited the game and obtained an M Rating instead.

Despite the heavy controversy, even causing problems within the companyManhunt received positive reviews and gained a cult following. The dark atmosphere and disturbing characters have become staples within the horror genre of video games. You can pick up the uncensored version on PC and despite the aged graphics, the game remains a frightening experience. Especially when you come faced with Piggsy.

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4. Max Payne 3

Created by Remedy Entertainment Rockstar took the reins of the franchise to develop the next installment in Max Payne's life. While linear the third-person combat and graphic slow-motion kills were positively received. The production was also dramatically increased with well-choreographed cutscenes complemented with terrific voice-acting. Everything in the single-player campaign brimmed with quality, right down to the complementary musical score.

The multiplayer was just as exciting as Rockstar found a way to implement bullet time within the competitive field. A staple feature within the Max Payne franchise. What made things more personal was the "Vendetta" feature wish allowed players to double down on bonuses if you killed the player who killed you.

It's clear that Rockstar Games took time and care when developing Max Payne 3. The game didn't have the arcade style shooting found in the previous games, going for a more realistic combat system, but it still had that Max Payne flare. 

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3. Grand Theft Auto III

One of the primary reasons to own a PlayStation 2 was GTA III. The 3D open world game gave players the freedom to roam the fictional world of Liberty City and do whatever they wanted. As always, the game generated controversy for its depiction of violence and sex but was one of the most significant games within the 6th generation of consoles.

Following Claude during a bloody campaign for revenge, you take on several notorious gangs throughout Liberty City include the Columbians and Yakuza. While the gameplay and graphics don't hold up today Grand Theft Auto III was a revolutionary game that set the edifice for future open world games.

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2. Bully

Bully was a unique game. An open world title where a student rises through the ranks of the school system doesn't seem like a compelling experience and outside from something Rockstar would do. However, it was a smash hit with fans.

Taking control of James Hopkins, you're charged with bringing peace to the school of Bullworth Academy after finding out it's full of bullies. Your goal isn't entire noble as it's also part of James' plan to gain respect among everyone. The game incorporated the school system by giving James access to new abilities the more he attended classes but maintain a level of freedom by providing access to optional romances. 

It may not have the hyper-violent action from most notorious titles from Rockstar Games but Bully has that quality touch from the company. With an array of detailed characters and an open world that provides the same wonder and excitement but in a school setting.

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1. Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V still remains a cultural icon within the gaming world. The single-player alone combines an array of densely packed and layered missions that has the player taking on objectives focusing on bank robbery, assassinations, hacking, and heists. All while building on the mechanics from past games to ensure that shooting, driving, and climbing all perform beyond what was expected from an open world game. In past GTA games, these systems were all present but most were mediocre at best. GTA V broke this by ensuring everything operated with care and precision as if the game was developed for those systems in mind alone.

The multiplayer launched in a damaged state but has become one of the best online experiences today. With an overwhelming selection of competitive, cooperative, and creatively options for players to engage in. There's no limit to what you can do in GTA V with Rockstar still providing upgrades to the online mode. 

What are your favorite games from Rockstar Games? Let us know in the comments below!

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