Resident Evil 3 2020 All Subway Gem Locations

Locate all the gems in Resident Evil 3's subway puzzle

By Grayshadow, Posted 04 Apr 2020

When leaving the subway for the first time in Resident Evil 3 2020 you probably noticed a dial with 3 slots. 3 gems fit into the slots and we know where they're located. 

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The first gem is located in the Donut Shop safe room. Inside is a box and when you examine it you'll get the first gem.

The next gem is located in the liquor store across from the toy shop. It's on the main street if you're lost and you'll need to bolt cutters to get through. Once inside the box is on the shelve. 

The final gem is located inside the toy shop. You'll need to get the lockpick from the spider nest area. Once collected, pick the lock and grab the box.

Once collected you don't have to keep them in your inventory. There's an item box by the dial puzzle but you can't access it until the finale when Nemesis chases you into the station. Once inside, place the gems into the dial to collect your rewards. 

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