Final Fantasy VII Remake How to Defeat Jevona Dreamweaver

Defeat Sephiroth's mother

By Grayshadow, Posted 16 Apr 2020

Jenova is an iconic boss fight within the Final Fantasy universe and the alien is back in the remake. With Jenova Dreamweaver being one of the hardest fights in the game.

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Jenova has 3 parts to the fight. The first phase is Jenova using largely melee attacks with 2 large tentacles that can be targeted. Taking them out will limit Jenvova's attack options and add pressure to the target. Jenova will trigger a blast when enough is dealt so keep Aerith at a distance just in case. Jenova will use Stop in the form of aura circles that track certain characters, avoid them or equip Protective Boots to prevent the effect.

The second phase will have Jenova using tentacles littered around the battlefield. You should take these out as they can overwhelm the party. Summons will be available but I would advise to save them for the final phase. When Jevona starts to use Rejection use the pillar for cover, as this can deal heavy damage. She'll target the player-controlled member when using this.

Dreams of Quietude is one of her most powerful attacks. She's almost immune to all damage, with the exception of heavy physical blows, using Infinity's End will negate the effect but keep track of the tentacles on the field as they can also be used to build ATB charge.

During the final phase, Jenova will start teleporting and using acid rain. The rain is easy to dodge, just avoid the black slug dripping but her teleporting skill is harder to track. She'll often teleport to avoid being hit and make it easier to use Rejection. At this point it's an all-out assault, use your limit breaks, summoning, and if you have it Aerith's Ray of Judgement to defeat Jenova.

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