The Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures II: ASSimilation All Upgrade Locations

The upgrade locations for all weapons

By Grayshadow, Posted 30 Oct 2020

Angry Video Game Nerd I & II Deluxe packages both games starring the Nerd into one package. With the second game offering upgrades and to get the good ending you'll need to gather them all. Here's how.

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1. Board James 1 - Hippo Hell (Glove of Power)

The Glove of Power is located at the end of the level. Make sure to stay on the top portion of the ladder to grab it when on the helicopter on-rails section finale.

2. Nerd Gaiden 1 - Nerds vs Ninjas (Fukonami)

Halfway through you'll come to a vertical corridor you have to climb. There are 2 spinning shurikens, one on the lower right and the other on the opposite wall on the left. Keep climbing up the left wall and you'll get to the roof of the area. Head left to grab the Fukonami.

3. Browntown 1: Dookie Dookie Panic (Turbo Pad)

You need the Glove of Power to get this one. At the beginning head to the upper left of the first area and break the wall.

4. Monsters Madness 1: Ghouls n Garage (Cape)

You need the Glove of Power for this. After the swimming section, wall kick up to find the cape behind the breakable wall.

5. Are 52 - WhyWhyWhyWhyWhyWhy (Uber Scope)

You'll come to an area that zig zags and is full of Robs. On the top platform on the left side is a layer of Death Blocks. Use the Fukonami to reveal a hidden path and evade the obstacles to get the Uber Scope.

Beat the final boss and you'll get the good ending.

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