Life is Strange True Colors How to Romance Steph

Enter into a relationship with Steph

By Grayshadow, Posted 12 Sep 2021

Steph is one of Alex's options for a relationship. Here's how to develop that bond with Steph.

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The bond process starts early, make sure you visit Steph in chapter 2 after Gabe's death. In Chapter 3 when deciding who should hit on Diane neither choice matters, what does is afterward during the LARP.

When seeing Steph make sure you read her emotions, this will trigger a special dialogue where you can ask her to marry Alex.

When with Charlotte during the same episode make sure not to take away her anger or this will push Steph away as Alex will act out later, having transferred Charlotte's anger to her. 

The last thing to do is during the Spring Festival of episode 4. During the finale, before heading to the stage to perform go to the cart right side of the stage and get a flower. Give this to Steph at the DJ booth and she'll ask for Alex to meet her on the roof of the bar. It's here where you can kiss Steph and commit to a romantic relationship.

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