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Another fun aspect of the series has been the bizarre cheats players can apply to wreak mayhem. GTA V is no different.

By AyePal, Posted 03 Mar 2015

The highly anticipated open-world action and adventure game GTA V has finally been given a PC release date of 14th April, 2014, after being delayed twice before. Needless to say, PC fans of the series are literally starved of some GTA action. The series, a classic hit for a while now enables the player to take on the role of a small time criminal or wannabe who proceeds to rise through the ranks of organized crime during the game's progression.

As the game's name suggests, one of the biggest things going for the game is the ability of players to commit grand theft auto, stealing a wide variety of vehicles. The game also features shooting and melee combat, using a wide variety of weapons, from a baseball bat to a flamethrower. The storyline in most GTA games is quite engaging and the characters that the player interacts with during the story are very interesting.

GTA V has been hailed by critics as one of the best games on seventh generation consoles and one of the best games to transition between the seventh and eighth generations. The game allows the player to freely switch between three protagonists, unlike previous iterations that allowed only one.

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Another fun aspect of the series has been the bizarre cheats players can apply to wreak mayhem. GTA V is no different. In the console versions, cheats are entered into the game by pressing a certain sequence of buttons on the joysticks provided with each console. Cheats come in a wide variety, ranging from unlimited health and ammo to an especially hilarious drunk mode.

Top 10 GTA V cheats:

1.  Explosive Ammo Rounds: Also known as Bang Bang, this nifty little cheat changes the ammo to whatever weapon you're using to tiny grenades that explode upon impact. The ultimate tool for blowing stuff up.

2.  Invincibility: This ability lets you become God-like in the sense that nothing can hurt you. Bullets, cars, etc. will simply not damage your health bar in any way, as you destroy your enemies while laughing in the face of their futile attempts to wound you. But remember, the cheat only lasts for five minutes, after which it expires and must be reapplied.

3.  Explosive melee attacks: Similar to explosive ammo rounds, only difference being that you need to walk up to the enemy to blow them away, quite literally.

4. Drunk Mode: This mode doesn't really serve any practical purpose, except getting your character really, really drunk. Warning, do not drive with this cheat enabled, you will regret it.

5.  Flaming Bullets: Perfect for setting your enemies on fire with your bullets, this turns your ammo into incendiary rounds. Watch as your enemies panic as they burn. 

6.  Max Health and Armor: Usually you would have to upgrade your health and gain objects that give you armor as you progress through the game. But if you don't like to wait and just want max health and armor instantly, then this is the cheat for you.

7.  Slow Motion Aim: Having difficulty aiming and killing annoying idiots? Simply enter this cheat to enter into slow motion every time you take aim. The cheat increases the magnitude of the slowness each time it is applied, with a maximum slowed the speed of four times. Beware, if you get greedy and apply it the fifth time then it is disabled.

8.  Skyfall: Again, like Drunk Mode, this cheat is simply for the fun factor. It spawns you in mid-air without a parachute in a mad sky-diving stunt sure to smash you to bits. Unless you can survive by pressing forward and hitting a wall or the ground head-on.

9.  Fast Run and Fast Swim: As their names suggest, they enable you to travel great distances while on foot, without taking help from any of the vehicles. The cheat is actually a great way to blow off some steam. GTA V is a gorgeous game and what better way to take it all in than going for a mad cross-country sprint or swim?

10.  Recharge ability: In this version of GTA, your three characters have special abilities, unique tools that give each a certain edge in some situations. This cheat recharges their abilities so that you don't have to worry about them running out.

There are various other cheats apart from these. A really cool one worth mentioning is the cheat that can alter gravity. After you enable this cheat, enter a vehicle to experience less gravity. You can also change the weather to your liking, such as choosing between sunny, rainy, smoggy, thundery, overcast, etc. Moreover, you can play the game entirely in slow motion, creating scenes similar to those in the movie “The Matrix”, allowing for some really awesome screenshots.

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