Confirmed Kingdom Hearts Attacks and Locations

Here's all the attacks and locations currently confirmed for Kingdom Hearts III

By Grayshadow, Posted 19 Aug 2015

Despite the pleasant array of games coming this holiday season Kingdom Hearts III remains on the most  of many gamers the most anticipated title for this generation. 

We here at Noobfeed are huge fans of this incredible series and have decided to compose a list of all the worlds and weapons currently announced for Sora’s adventure. The list is short but we expect it to grow in due time.



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Revealed at E3 2015 Sora is set to meet Rapunzel. During the demo we saw Sora traveling through the woods however we don’t know if we’ll be able to venture into the castle, Rapunzel’s tower or perhaps The Snuggly Duckling.


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Also shown during E3, although not confirmed by Disney or Square Enix, we can see columns from a familiar notorious ancient civilization. However the most convincing evidence comes from the boss fight between Sora and the rock titan Lythos. 

Twilight Town

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Acting as a haven for those who find themselves lost Twilight Town has been part of the Kingdom Hearts franchise since the beginning. Although we were only shown a glimpse of the dusk town we can already assumed it will once again serve the same function as previous games. Serving as a starting tutorial and a base of operations for those seeking weapons and special equipment.

Big Hero 6

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Recently confirmed was Big Hero 6’s world of San Fransokyo. Sora will interact with the team of Big Hero 6 after the events of the film. And yes Baymax will be there, hopefully Sora will share in a Baymax Fistbump.


Two Blasters

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We’ve seen this weapons twice now. One varaition has Sora shooting in third-person, using the two blasters, and finishing off using multiple beams of energy similar to his Ragnarok attack. Another shows Sora combining the weapons into a cannon. Perhaps a new limit break?

Pirate Ship

We’ve seen this attack used in multiple locations in the various trailers shown, which means it’s not an enemy or ally specific attack. This immense ship has Sora riding on the helm of the ship as it flips over and over again, all while colorful bright water splashes all around the environment.

Big Magic Mountain

Gamers will recognize this attack since it has appeared in many third-party trailers. Seen in the fight against Lythos Sora summons a train that the trio rides on to perform heavy attacks against the Rock Titan. Whether this is a boss specific attack is yet to be confirmed.

Shield Bash

Sora and Donald step behind Goofy and push forward, executing massive damage against multiple heartless. This is most likely Goofy's own special attack.

Tea Party

Shown at E3 this attack shows Sora, Donald and Goody spinning violently in teacups, with the final animation having all three spin together in one large typhoon. It was shown that Sora, Donald and Goofy will be able to use the teacups independently until the final spin is executed. 

Pegasus Summoning

Sora uses a weapon, resembling something that would belong to Zeus, to summon Hercules's mount. Calling the flying horse of Hercules has Sora controlling the legendary steed from a chariot. Whether the player will control the chariot hasn't been confirmed yet.

What do you all think, does Kingdom Hearts III look like the game we've all been waiting for? Sound off in the comments below. 

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