Should the Arkham Franchise End with Arkham Knight?

Did Batman get the finale he deserved?

By Grayshadow, Posted 10 Feb 2016

When Batman: Arkham Asylum released it was met with massive critically acclaim, many claiming that it wasn’t just best Batman game created but built a new foundation where all other superhero games will be compared to. With a revolutionary combat system, incredible narrative and fantastic boss battles Rocksteady not only delivered a game that was faithful to the original material but effectively it in their own vision. Rocksteady took that same edifice and built Batman: Arkham City and successfully achieve heights set by Arkham Asylum. Batman: Arkham Knight was expected to finish Rocksteady’s acclaimed franchise with a bang, unfortunately it didn’t, which left me thinking: should Arkham Knight be the final game in the Batman Arkham franchise?

Open Ending

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Rocksteady has already stated that this is the last Batman game developed by their studio. What I’m arguing is that the Arkham games should continue and not end with Arkham Knight. Gameplay and story wise it seems that the franchise can continue, especially considering the ending of the game.

If you completely the game with all 100% goals obtained and activating the Knightfall protocol players can see an extended ending showcasing a Batman like figure about to pouch on two criminals. It’s clear that Arkham Knight isn’t suppose to end Bruce Wayne’s career as Batman but offer the mantle to someone else. It’s clear that someone else had taken charge but whether the first Batman accepts this is another question. A trilogy is suppose to offer some sort of conclusion, instead Arkham Knight opened the doors for another Batman Arkham game.

The Titan formula was constantly present throughout the Arkham games. From the start of Arkham Asylum to the end of Arkham Knight this dangerous formula went on to be the catalyst for creating super-powerful henchmen, to killing the Joker, and finally developing into a new Joker virus. At the end of Arkham Knight, Batman being the final infected, defeats the virus through his own sheer mental will but it wasn’t a momentum conclusion. Batman won, the Scarecrow was defeated and Batman apparently commits suicide. Everything was solved before Batman’s finale but throughout the games I never felt like like their was a continuous goal. It just ended.

The Batmobile’s Infamy

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Looking past the story at the gameplay offers another roadblock. Perhaps one of the most anticipated, and criticized, addition was the Batmobile. Since Arkham Asylum many fans begged Rocksteady to include this legendary vehicle into the game. While Rocksteady gave us what we wanted it was a criticized addition. Instead of an ultra-power addition to Batman’s arsenal it felt more like a rock and chain.

Constantly players had to solve vexing puzzles to lug this massive tool around the environment. If it wasn’t enough the constant tank battles and Batman killing hordes of people by running them down was bewildering. For one of the most iconic vehicles' in the world this was a definite low point.

A Possible Sequel

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Batman: Arkham Knight isn’t a bad game, but it’s not where on par with Arkham Asylum or Arkham City. It’s possible that the next Batman game from WB Games will feature an entirely new title but leaving the Arkham series on such a whimper would be a tragedy. Give the Arkham series a better farewell, it deserves it.  

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