Nintendo Disables Nintendo Networkd ID Sign-In Following Breach of Servers

Nintendo recommends all users reset their passwords and turn on 2-step verification

By Grayshadow, Posted 24 Apr 2020

Recently, users of Nintendo Switch users were reporting that their accounts were being hacked into. Today, Nintendo issued an official report stating breach but are disabling Nintendo Network ID usage. However, it was

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Nintendo also advises that users reset their passwords and authorize 2-step verification. Which is strange if there is no breach but better safe than sorry.

While we continue to investigate, we would like to reassure users that there is currently no evidence pointing toward a breach of Nintendo’s databases, servers or services. As one action in our ongoing investigation, we are discontinuing the ability to use a Nintendo Network ID to sign in to a Nintendo Account. All other options to sign in to a Nintendo Account remain available.

As a further precaution, we will soon contact users about resetting passwords for Nintendo Network IDs and Nintendo Accounts that we have reason to believe were accessed without authorization.

Nintendo went on to confirm that 160,000 accounts were accessed during the breach.

â–  NNID that may have received unauthorized login

● About 160,000 accounts

Information that may have been viewed by a third party

● The following information registered in NNID

  • Nickname, date of birth, country / region, email address

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