Minecraft Tops 200 Million Sales Worldwide

The 11 year old Mojang mega-hit is still going strong with another huge milestone.

By JakeJeremy, Posted 21 May 2020

Mojang's biggest game just hit its loftiest milestone to date. Minecraft has now officially topped 200 million worldwide and it was reported by Microsoft that 126 Millon people play the game monthly.

This news comes just as Mojang Studios celebrates 11 years since the original alpha build of Minecraft was officially released to the public.

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The game topped the 100 million sales number back in 2016, and remains a huge hit to this day across a number of different platforms including PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

During the ongoing pandemic Minecraft has seen a major spike in usage. Microsoft reported that the game has had a 25 increase in new players during April and a 40 percent jump in multiplayer sessions during the same timeframe.

With the success and passion of the game's fanbase it is unlikely that Minecraft will be going away anytime in the near future.

Jake Skudder, Editor, NoobFeed
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