Resident Evil Village Confirms Rumors, Werewolves Mutants Are A Thing

Capcom reveals Resident Evil Village

By Grayshadow, Posted 11 Jun 2020

During Sony's Future of Gaming event Capcom unveiled the next sequel in the Resident Evil franchise. Confirming the rumors were true, with Resident Evil VII Village.

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The trailer confirms that Ethan will return, the game is first-person, and he'll travel to Europe. Ethan will battle a new infection most likely caused by Umbrella. As the emblem for the company is shown.

We also see that Ethan taking on new challenges, such as a family of women who seem to be living in a sea of wealth. And yes, the trailer confirm that infected werewolves are indeed in the game.

The trailer ends with a release window of 2021 and that Chris Redfield will return.

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