Beating Dark Souls 3 With Bananas Instead of Controller

The Dark Souls series of games is infamously difficult, though one streamer has developed a way to play it with bananas.

By Kiemour, Posted 18 Jun 2020

The most recent installment to the Dark Souls trilogy has often been referred to as one of the more challenging games of the franchise, leading to broken controllers, screams of rage and endless deaths. However, some players find joy in this sadistic style of gaming, while others prefer to make the game even harder on themselves whenever possible. One streamer, known as Super Louis 64, has done just this, and figured out a way to beat Dark Souls 3 with only bananas. 

Many readers may be familiar with the fact that certain foods, such as potatoes, are able to conduct small amounts of electricity, about 0.5 volts. SuperLouis has adapted a similar tactic, using a banana for each separate button on his traditional controller. During his live stream, SuperLouis has not clearly labeled his bananas, and is constantly pressing the wrong ones, leading to hilarious deaths and cries of disappointment that are often unheard while playing Dark Souls. Amidst the usual screams of frustration, SuperLouis can be heard exclaiming: "What?!? That's not my attack banana, oh my gosh." However, because of his numerous run throughs of this game, SuperLouis rarely dies, as he has memorized the attack patterns of each major boss. Nevertheless, watching his fingers fly across the bananas spread out across his desk make his battle against the Soul of Cinder more enjoyable for all viewers.

Dark Souls 3 bananas

Although SuperLouis has done similar run-throughs of other games with unconventional controllers, this one is particularly special, as he played to raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. During his stream, SuperLouis raised $750 for the charity, using his influence and popularity for the good of others. In his words: "Since 2020 is an actual dumpster fire, I wanted to cheer you all up and do the run again." To incentivize viewers, he included a donation menu, allowing viewers to impact his gameplay as they donated money. For example, if a player donated $5, he would incorporate a random challenge, such as no leveling up, and if $50 was donated, he would have to eat one of his precious bananas.

This is not the first time that streamers have attempted to beat games in an unconventional method, and due to Super Louis 64's success, it will definitely not be the last. More likely than not, Super Louis himself will do another meme-run for charity, so be sure to keep your eyes out and help others in any way that you can.

Kieran Mouritsen
Editor, NoobFeed

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