Overwatch Player Suggests Unique Tactic for Dealing with Rage Quitters

One Overwatch user has shared their interesting, passive aggressive idea for retaliating against and punishing rage quitters.

By Kiemour, Posted 02 Aug 2020

Overwatch, the team-based hero shooter, is a unique game that, at the moment, has no disciplinary actions towards players who leave a match before it has completed. Some games, such as Hi-Rez's MOBA, Smite, give leavers a "Deserter" ban, stopping them from playing for a short amount of time. Because rage quitting is so common in team-based games without consequences, one Overwatch fan took to Reddit to suggest passive-aggressive action against these players.

For the record, this new action would apply primarily to QuickPlay and similar modes, as players' SR is reduced when they leave a Competitive game early. The Redditor, known as Pkbronsonb, suggested sending a message to the guilty player(s), stating something along the lines of "Your Team Won Without You." This message, geared specifically towards those who let their temper ruin the game for others, is just enough to possibly deter players from forcing their team to fight without them.

Rage Quitters, Overwatch

This message was well-received by other fans on Reddit, with some even pushing Blizzard to implement the message into their next patch. On the other hand, some users had a different perspective, pointing out that the message could reveal to rage quitters that they would have lost the game if they had stayed in, further justifying their leaving. However rage quitters respond to this message, Blizzard's game is still fraught with players who cheat the game in a variety of ways, causing for 34 thousand accounts in China to be banned.

However, another problem with the Redditor's idea is that it is difficult to properly identify an intentional rage quit. Because players could also leave due to a weak internet connection or something similar, rage quitting is not punished as it should be in a game such as this. Nobody may like losing, but the experience gets worse for the players who are able to keep their cool lose a player, and therefore have to make up for their lacking teammate. 

Even though the developers of Overwatch have not begun to act upon rage quitters, it is comforting to see players trying to take matters into their own hands. As a player who rarely rage quits and despises those who do, I am hopeful that some sort of consequence will come to the game, if not introducing a new feature in the upcoming Overwatch 2, rumored to launch later in 2020.

Kieran Mouritsen
Editor, NoobFeed 

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