Metro Series Developer Bought by Embracer Group; Announces Metro Plans

Embracer Group, the parent company of THQ Nordic, has picked up another popular company responsible for the Metro series, 4A Games.

By Kiemour, Posted 13 Aug 2020

The Metro video game series, based on a trilogy of books by Dmitry Glukhovsky, quickly rose in popularity during its release under THQ Nordic and 4A Games. The most recent addition to the series, Metro Exodus, released in early 2019, but no plans have currently been revealed for another installment. With the acquisition of 4A Games by Embracer Group, that could quickly change.

4A Games currently serves as the main game engine and IP (internet protocol) for the Metro series, meaning that Embracer Group now owns both companies responsible for the Russian apocalyptic games. THQ Nordic has been a part of Embracer Group for a while now, and it looks like the parent company is widening its embrace. 4A Games was bought for $80 million USD, and was announced to "operate as an independent studio under Saber Interactive", another recent acquisition of Embracer Group.

4A joins a slew of new purchases for Embracer Group, including Sola Media, Pow Wow Entertainment, Palindrome Interactive, Rare Earth Games, Deca Games, New World Interactive and Vermila Studios. But with their purchase of 4A, Metro fans are excited about the promise of a new game. 

4A Games CEO Dean Sharpe gave this announcement shortly after the company was bought by Embracer: "Together we will continue to build on the Metro franchise and will focus on bringing a multiplayer experience to our fanbase." Although the Metro series is best known for its single-player gameplay, the reveal of a heavy focus on multiplayer experiences is an interesting step. However, whether this feature will force players to team up against the AI creatures or one another has yet to be revealed.

Metro Series, AAA multiplayer IP

According to recent reports, 4A will be working with Saber on "an entirely new project that combines the AAA production values of 4A games...the combined engine and technology know-how and Saber's experience on multiplayer and live operations." Based on these announcements, 4A games is working on an updated Metro game, which will be of higher technical quality than its predecessors. However, its story has yet to be revealed or even hinted at. The Metro series of books only has 3 titles, so the upcoming AAA game will likely be an original story within the Metro universe.

This acquisition of 4A Games brings each of the studios under the wing of Embracer Group, as the series was published by Deep Silver/Koch Media, also a component of Embracer. Not only are all rights to the Metro series under Embracer, but it seems that a new Metro game, complete with a next-level multiplayer system, is in the works. As mentioned, it has not yet been revealed if this game will involve players vs the environmental creatures within the Metro, or fighting one another in teams. 

Metro Exodus, released in early 2019, is widely rated as "The best Metro game yet", giving fans hope for the future of the series under their new parent, Embracer Group.

Kieran Mouritsen
Editor, NoobFeed

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