Fire Tonight Revealed for Switch And Steam

Fight through fires and reunite with your lover in Fire Tonight

By Grayshadow, Posted 02 Sep 2020

Today, Reptoid Games and publisher Way Down Deep revealed a new narrative puzzle title called Fire Tonight. Players will need to navigate through the fire riddled streets to reunite a lost couple.

Fire Tonight,NoobFeed,

The game stars Maya, a young woman seeking her partner Devin after a massive fire. Players must switch control between Maya and Devin while solving environmental puzzles.

It’s 1990 and love is in the air for Maya and Devin. After finding each other in the big city, this strange place is beginning to feel like home. Maya’s mixtapes communicate her feelings for Devin with songs that speak louder than normal words. Meanwhile, Devin’s apartment is filling up with artifacts charting the course of their relationship. But when a raging fire sweeps over the town, how far will the lovers go to find one another amidst the flames and chaos?
Alternate between the characters’ perspectives on this unforgettable night. As roads close and phone lines go dead, guide Maya through alleys and across rooftops. Solve light environmental puzzles to surmount obstacles and outwit the police, cutting a path through the inferno toward Devin’s apartment. On the other side of town, Devin anxiously awaits her arrival. Explore his place and toy with their belongings to glean more information about the pair’s shared history.
Fire Tonight is set for a Q1 2021 release on PC, Mac, and Switch.

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General Information

Platform(s): Switch, PC
Publisher(s): Way Down Deep
Developer(s): Reptoid Games
Genres: Adventure
Themes: Narrative
Release Date: 2021

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