Hacker Takes Over Apex Legends With Save Titanfall Message

A hacker has taken over Apex Legends

By Grayshadow, Posted 04 Jul 2021

Apex Legends is suffering from a massive hack, with someone taking over the game with the message of "Saving Titanfall".

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Breaking: It appears a hacker is taking over Apex playlists with a message about 'Saving Titanfall'. pic.twitter.com/XpMzfRNQZB

— Apex Legends News (@alphaINTEL) July 4, 2021

As reported by Dexerto, the hacker is preventing players from queuing into the game and instead posting a message to players to save Titanfall. Titanfall is currently an unplayable game that being sold despite players unable to play it but due to a hacker preventing players from queuing into matches. Similar issues are present in Titanfall 2 and Respawn has been doing very little to resolve the problem. This was detailed by Upper Echelon Gamers in a video in May 2021.

We are aware of and actively investigating issues impacting @PlayApex playlists that are preventing players from getting into matches.

— Respawn (@Respawn) July 4, 2021

With Apex Legends being a near billion-dollar IP for EA we can assume this issue taking priority for the company. As for Titanfall, EA and Respawn have been ignoring the problems for that IP for years despite fan outcry with pressing paramount issues.

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