Rock N' Roll Deck Building Roguelike Power Chord Coming to Early Access

My Singing Monsters creators next game announced, called Power Chord

By Grayshadow, Posted 30 Sep 2021

My Singing Monsters is a popular mobile title but the developers are now working on a new title. With Power Chord combining rock n' roll, roguelike deckbuilding, and intense battle of the bands' combat. Best of all you can try the game this October through Steam Digital Tabletop fest from the 21st until the 25th.

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In Power Chord, Earth’s mightiest musicians will assemble to utilize their unique abilities to rock out insane combos against the demonic horde. With each bandmate having their own distinct gameplay style, cards and perks, Power Chord allows players to create unique combos based on different band combinations. Bands will consist of four musicians with their own color-coded cards, including: 

·        Drummer – Blue cards. Drummers are the “tank” of the band and can defend using armor, redirect damage and retaliate based on damage taken.

·        Guitarist – Red cards. Guitarists can dish out serious single-target damage by hyping themselves up.

·        Bassist – Purple Cards. Raining down Area of Effect damage, Bassists can attack multiple targets and apply/remove debuffs from their bandmates and enemies. 

·        Vocalist – Yellow cards. The support and healer of the band, vocalists focus on healing, cleansing debuffs and buffing up the band. 

Before Power Chord's December Early Access release on Steam, interested gamers can be among the first to play it during the Steam Digital Tabletop Fest which will run Oct. 21-25.

Adam Siddiqui,
Managing Editor, NoobFeed

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