Equestrian Training Takes Switch Horse Riding Fans to a Higher Level

Take Your Horse Riding to the Next Level with Equestrian Training

By SnowWhite, Posted 19 Apr 2022

Equestrian Training, a new Nintendo Switch game by Microids Life, will be released on May 17th in North America. Developed by Smart Tale Games, the game was initially released on June 24th, 2021, for PlayStation and PC, and now it is made available for Nintendo Switch gamers. Players will learn about horseback riding freshly with Equestrian Training. Those who like horseback riding can learn a lot from this game while having a good time playing it.

Players can enjoy learning about horse care and riding, whether alone or with friends. There are mini-games to practice what they've learned in the training mode as they brush up on your skills in the exam mode. Once they've passed the exams, they'll be able to ride a horse like a pro.

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Equestrian experts craft 2,500 questions and answers for players to put their knowledge to the test. They'll also find a comprehensive glossary of horse-riding phrases to brush up on their vocabulary!

Equestrian Training allows complete control over the content and format of players' training sessions with a profile and stats to track their development and pinpoint the areas they need to improve. The number of questions, answering timer, and stress levels are customizable according to players' needs. 

Players can make their study sessions even more enjoyable by playing 15 different mini-games separated into three categories: endurance racing, show jumping, or horse grooming to put theory into practice. It is possible to ride the horse on various pathways with varying lengths and obstacles and participate in multiple grooming tasks, such as washing and brushing the horse.

Equestrian Training supports up to four players co-op for team learning and challenging others to a horseback riding competition under all of the game's modes, including examinations.

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