Survival Game 'Aloft' Announced By Astrolabe Interactive

Turn a floating island into a ship and navigate the sky in Aloft

By AlexJohn, Posted 25 Jan 2023

Canadian developer Astrolabe Interactive have announced their new game Aloft, a survival sandbox title set on a cluster of floating islands. Redbeet Interactive's Raft dropped players into an endless ocean, Endnight Games' The Forest stranded them in, well, a forest full of cannibals, and now Aloft challenges players to survive and thrive in the sky.

A hurricane has swept through the world of Aloft, ripping apart the earth and sending it skyward. Floating islands orbit the eye of the storm, and it is up to the player to reach the highest altitudes, defeat a fungal threat that is corrupting this aerial world, and “uncover the secrets of a lost civilization.”

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Play solo or online with up to seven friends, and even build your own custom, shareable islands in the Island Editor. Players can farm crops and nurture livestock as they make a life for themselves among the clouds. Connect islands together with bridges and ziplines, or fly from island to island with your glider. Once you have enough resources you can craft sails and begin navigating your archipelago through a jet stream, transforming “your floating rock into a flying ship”. Use Aloft’s unique setting to your advantage by harnessing the wind and rain. With the wind around you, you can automate "oars to move your island, machines to craft advanced resources, or even traps to protect your islands against enemies.”

Among these enemies are those corrupted by a “dangerous force of nature”. The islands of Aloft are infected with corrupting fungi and, by cleansing and healing the ecosystem, the player will unlock “new animal companions, livestock, crops, and resources.” These fungal foes aren’t the only threat in Aloft’s (literal) skybox however as players must also navigate their ship through “rock fragments, lighting strikes, toxic spores, and freezing temperatures”. As they travel into the eye of the storm and get closer to unraveling Aloft’s secrets, the “bellows of ancient leviathans” will also grow louder.

There is no release date yet for Aloft, but a demo is out now on Steam.


Alex Johnson (@AlexJohnWriting)
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