Gran Turismo 7's May Update Adds New Cars and Requested Upgrades

Players are now able to tune their cars without rolling the dice.

By AtillaTuran, Posted 26 May 2023

It has been a year and half since Gran Turismo 7 got released and there is still content being pushed for the beloved racing game by its developer Polyphony Digital. This month’s update is no different than the usual updates that are published for GT7, just a few cars and quality of life changes have been added. However this time around, a long-requested upgrade system, wanted by fans, is now finally in the game and they won’t rely on luck in order to apply those to their cars.

Gran Turismo 7’s May update consists of three cars to begin with: Alfa Romeo Guila Sprint GT Veloce ‘67, Greening Auto Company Maverick, and a fan-favorite Nissan GT-R Nismo (R32) ‘90. All these cars are available through brand central or second-hand car dealerships. With the addition of a new Skyline, two new Café Menus are also added to the game for storyline progression, one of them being Group A menu book which is about early 90’s racing legends.

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So far the most anticipated change in the new May 1.34 update is the availability of Ultimate Modification Tools tab on GT Auto. Players can go to the Ultimate tab to modify their cars with parts that were only available through a daily roll-the-dice event. While most of the rewards consisted of upgrades that affected the small components of the vehicle, the biggest change is finally being able to swap engines manually by paying, instead of spinning the wheel. Before this method players had to be lucky to earn engine swaps through a spin that mostly landed on the things they didn’t want. It is a good thing to see PD listening to feedback from the players and acting towards it.

Gran Turismo 7’s 1.34 update is a free addition and currently live for everyone who owns GT7 on Playstation 5.

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