Seems Like Battlefield 2042's Fifth Season is Not Going to Be the Last One

Battlefield’s developer DICE just released the fifth season pass today, and seems like it won’t be the last.

By AtillaTuran, Posted 07 Jun 2023

Battlefield’s upcoming titles always had big anticipation behind them, and to be fair, DICE was happy to deliver what players wanted. Not for their latest game though, Battlefield 2042 had a very rough start with excessive amounts of bugs, lacking content and overall a step down from the previous title. DICE have been addressing these problems in their blog posts and fixing them slowly, but surely. Today, DICE released the fifth season for Battlefield 2042, along with the release they stated this won’t be the last, confirming a sixth season in the next year.

Compared to older titles, 2042 has been drawing less and less attention, even to a point where people started harassing the developer team, leading DICE to address the said harassment on Facebook recently. Despite all the backlash taken from players, new content is still being made with full-speed ahead. In the fifth season, players can expect to find brand new weapons, return of the character/class system, more bug fixes and less bloated servers with the limited player count. Unfortunately, a new character is nowhere to be seen in this patch, though it is speculated to be dropped in the next season instead.

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Despite all the support from DICE, we might see less and less activity on Battlefield 2042. The current development team is also working on other projects under EA's roof. Along with that, dried interest on Battlefield 2042 does not signal longevity either. Compared to Battlefield: Hardlines, one of DICE’s very short lived Battlefield spinoff games, 2042 is doing worse than Hardlines, barely getting any recognition it- hardly- ever deserves.

Currently, there is no official release date for the sixth season and what the contents are going to be, but we can expect it to be the last content push for Battlefield 2042, at least for a long time.

Atilla Turan
Editor, NoobFeed

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