Community Created Mod for Half-Life Gets Approved by Valve

A classic arcade genre gets mashed with a cult FPS game, and the result still works flawlessly.

By AtillaTuran, Posted 12 Jun 2023

When it comes to using their IPs on other grounds, Valve is not shy about letting creative minds make something new out of them. After all, most of their multiplayer games were created by fans who adored their work and used their engines/assets to create a new titles. So far, every single showcase of Valve letting fans use their IP has been excellent- except Hunt Down the Freeman, we do not want to talk about that.

On the other hand, we had Garry’s Mod, Team Fortress 2, Black Mesa, and even Apex Legends landing on the page, using Valve’s engines and assets to create something very cool. And now for the next upcoming creation, we have an old-style, arcade-inspired, twin-stick shooter based on the classic Half-Life. This mod is called Codename: Loop and of course we have our protagonist, Gordon Freeman, fighting through hordes of Headcrabs and Zombies through his trusty arsenal. The game layout is nicely placed, and with its 2.5D isometric camera angle, it is easy to read what is happening on the screen.

Codename: Loop’s developer, David Almenara has been working on this project since 2004 and they are thrilled to announce it's currently ending the development cycle. We do not know which engine it runs on, but every single aspect of it is royal to the Half-Life series, from guns to enemies, and how the gameplay is very smooth and natural. Gordon can use all the guns that are available in the first Half-Life game, such as the crossbow, Tau cannon, rocket launcher, and more. Right now Codename: Loop is available through ModDB, however, the developer has announced the big news of approaching Valve about its officiality.

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David recently of Codename: Loon on Steam. Currently, the game is in the polishing state, meaning little bits are getting tidied up and there is brainstorming on what else to add to upcoming updates. Currently, the title has only a few levels to choose from, maybe we can expect to see a full recreation of Half-Life’s campaign inside the game, who knows? It would surely add some change of pace and different perspectives on looking from a different perspective at Half-Life’s conventional gameplay.

David’s indie game studio, called Almenara Games, is also working on a different title at the same time called Rouge Mansion. With its PS1-era graphics, it is a survival horror game with Resident Evil/Silent Hill vibes mixed with it. Both titles are still work-in-progress, but it is intriguing to see games with a retrospective mind thrown into them.

Atilla Turan
Editor, NoobFeed

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