Helpful New Feature Added to Final Fantasy XVI After High Player Demand

A new patch for Final Fantasy XVI, the 1.03 update, has been released and allows players to adjust the game to their liking.

By DShelley, Posted 06 Jul 2023

The latest entry into the critically acclaimed Final Fantasy game series, Final Fantasy XVI, released just two weeks ago and most recently, it received an update which addresses a major issue that players had with the game when it initially released. Square Enix were quick to address the issue and had received high praise from players, for how quick they were able to roll out the update and address the issue.

FInal Fantasy XVI was arguably one of the most highly anticipated games of 2023 and it would seem that the game was a definite smash hit selling over 3 million units during its initial launch window. Now this may not sound that impressive, considering its predecessor Final Fantasy XV released just around 5 million units when it was released in 2016, but remember that Final Fantasy XVI was a PS5 exclusive while its predecessor released on both PS4 and Xbox One initially. Final Fantasy XVI has been praised heavily for its writing, visuals and of course, the visual masterpieces known as Eikon battles.

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However, as with any modern game, Final Fantasy XVI, despite getting plenty of praise, did have its flaws such as its use of motion blur, which made many players feel disoriented and in some cases players even experienced motion sickness. This made combat particularly difficult. However, thanks to the latest Patch for Final Fantasy XVI, the 1.03 update, players will finally be able to adjust the motion blur to their liking or just turn the feature off entirely by setting it to its lowest possible setting. This should hopefully make the game feel far less disorienting and hopefully allow players to experience the beauty of Final Fantasy XVI.

Aside from adding in the option to adjust motion blur, the update also added three new control layouts. The most notable one being control Type D, which swaps the buttons for Eikonic Feats with Evade, this layout will be extremely useful for players who are more used to the dodging styles seen in other games. The update has also adjusted the horizontal and vertical camera sensitivity settings ranges, such as doubling the default amounts. Other than these changes, the update also added the standard stability fixes and squashed the few minor bugs that the game had on release.

Hopefully, with all the changes made to the game, players will finally be able to enjoy Final Fantasy XVI to their hearts content. We will most likely get more intensive updates further on in the future, but for now at least we won't have to worry about motion sickness.

Daman Shelley (@UndeadandTired)
Editor, NoobFeed

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