Counter-Strike 2’s Release Date Has Been Teased by Valve

Are you busy next week? If not, Valve might have something to say about Counter-Strike 2.

By AtillaTuran, Posted 21 Sep 2023

It is no surprise that Counter-Strike 2 coming up in a very short time. Too short, in fact, that Valve had to tease the players in some ways in order to let them know about it. One might think the announcement, or the tease, is not related to Counter-Strike 2, but we have to take into account a few things in line to believe this is it.

We all know that Counter-Strike 2 is legit and is currently being prepared by Valve after Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s massive popularity. The game itself is in rather good shape, however, seems like Valve wants to polish stuff out with their latest and brilliant engine: Source 2. Of course, most of their recent games are made with Source 2, but some players want to have the fluidity of Source 2 in their ever-so-important games. Along with Counter-Strike, DotA, and Team Fortress 2 players also want a conversion to Source 2 to make the games feel a bit better than their current versions.

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For Counter-Strike players, their wish was granted first and the total conversion from Source to Source 2 engine was established. Not only graphical settings were adjusted for the new generation, but there were also new engine mechanics to make the gameplay feel smoother while keeping the core mechanics.

This new version, dubbed Counter-Strike 2, is currently available to a selected amount of people from the community for beta testing. Seems like the beta days are over because Valve has been teasing players on Twitter with certain posts for a while. The last one is the most important due to its possibility to reveal a public release date for Counter-Strike 2.

Simply asking “What are you doing next Wednesday?” on Twitter was enough to make people believe Counter-Strike 2’s arrival is going to be on the 27th of this month. Valve was already teasing awaiters, saying the full release would arrive this summer, but the typical old Valve fashion, it did not happen. We shall wait and see if they are planning to actually release it next week.

Atilla Turan (@burningarrow)
Editor, NoobFeed

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