Rainbow Six Siege Launching A Weapon Skin Market

Ubisoft is trying to bring an in-game economy to spice things up in Rainbow Six Siege.

By AtillaTuran, Posted 13 Nov 2023

Both Counter-Strike and Rainbow Six Siege started having a spike in player counts recently. It was mainly due to their popularity and the way they were being played. A 5v5 mode that was built on a competitive scale, it drew people for its strong and actually fun gameplay. Since it was the core game that was popular enough, both sides tried to implement customization options for players, making it a bit personalized for each newcomer.

Valve’s new approach to Counter-Strike made it possible with the addition of skins, gloves, and different knives available for players when they open creates, or alternatively, they could purchase those extra items through the Steam Market. It would immensely help them out in the request of trying to find the exact item they are looking for and not actually spend hours on opening creates and waiting for the lucky wheel to stop on the preferred spot. With a thriving in-game economy, Counter-Strike is a heavy business center with lots of traders, buyers, and sellers.

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The same applies to Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Seige. This attack-defense-oriented FPS game had similarities to the Counter-Strike and Ubisoft wanted to give players at least some customization and they came up with charms, small items that were attached to your weapon. Later on, they also implemented weapon skins, though someone might think they were stealing the idea, the Payday franchise had a similar route on loot crates and weapons skins too. In fact, it was around the same time, when Counter-Strike was getting more and more popular.

Instead of focusing Steam Market, Ubisoft is preparing to have an in-house website for traders who wish to buy, trade, or sell their weapon skins. Steam’s Market works with actual money being spent on the Steam platform, this way people are ensured to earn or spend their money, however, all transactions on Ubisoft’s new website will be paid with R6 Credits. People can buy R6 Credits as a bundle, ranging from 5 to 100 dollars, then convert them to actual credits. We are not sure how skin prices will be sorted on the site, we are assuming that people will have their own selected prices depending on the rarity and the wear on the weapon skin.

Ubisoft is preparing to launch the website around early 2024 in the beta stage, and later 2024, they will be launching the site fully. After a lot of time of silence, Rainbow Six Siege players will return to play the game to earn more skins or sell their skins for profit, but there is a catch. In Counter-Strike or any other market transaction on Steam, you could opt to buy other items for other games or even new games to add to your library. On the other corner, Rainbow Six Siege Marketplace will only allow you to purchase other skins or operators for the game instead, creating a never-ending cycle in the Ubisoft stores.

Atilla Turan (@burningarrow)
Editor, NoobFeed

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