Greg Miller Leaves IGN

IGN's Greg Miller, Colin Moriarty, Nick Scarpino and Tim Gettys leaves IGN for a new venture.

By Grayshadow, Posted 05 Jan 2015

IGN’s Greg Miller, along with Colin Moriarty and two senior video producers, Nick Scarpino and Tim Gettys, have announced their departure from IGN to focus on their own Patreon-funded entertainment venture called Kinda Funny. 

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While working at IGN, Greg Miller and his team have delighted viewers on Youtube with friendly video content such as A Conversation with Colin, an Oreo video review show called Oreo Oration, the Beyond Podcast and many other shows. 

Kinda Funny will center on the team’s central interests including games, comics, movies and television. “The Kinda Funny guys have quit IGN to focus on creating content for you. You’ve supported us until this point and now we’re putting our livelihoods into your hands. You’ve built this with us and now it’s time to take it even further,” Greg Miller stated in an official video on Kinda Funny’s Youtube page. 

Instead if reporting the news, these videos will highlight staff members' opinions on video games today, focusing on interpreting rather than simply conveying the information. Also announced were Let’s Plays, Twitch streams and a new Podcast called Kinda Funny Gamescast. Greg Miller also revealed a new show called Colin and Greg Live, a live Twitch stream that will focus on more topics than PlayStation focus information everyday. 

Users who donate to Kinda Funny will gain early access to these videos, but all content will be available for free on Youtube and Podcast services such as iTunes. Those who do donate will not only gain early access to exclusive content but a chance to play with the Kinda Funny staff. 

If you wish to check out Kinda Funny click the link here.

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