Darksiders Creator Teasing New Project

New project being teased by Darksiders Creator

By Grayshadow, Posted 22 Feb 2015

The former creator and director of the Darksiders games, Joe Madureira, who formed Airship Syndicate following the closing of THQ and Vigil Games is preparing to announce something new.

Airship Syndicate,Noobfeed,

Madureira tweeted am image of a sword with the quote “Looks like there’s a storm coming…” along with the hashtag #DyingToTellYou. He followed this tweet up with another one stating “Guys, make sure to sign up at @AirshipSynairshipsyndicate.com there’s a big announcement coming VERY soon. Like…days, not weeks…”. Perhaps a new fantasy adventure game similar to their past projects is in the works, after all the sword shown looks a lot the one used by War in the first Darksiders game. 

Former Vigil members formed Airship Syndicate back in September of last year after THQ and Vigil Games closed permanently in 2012. The Darksiders trademark was purchased by Nordic Games, along with Red Fraction and MX vs. ATV, during the fallout. 

What do you think this new project is? Leave a comment below explaining your opinion and why.

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