Endless Space 2 Update Two Out Now

A major faction, changes to space battles, tech tree and population migration were added to Endless Space 2 in its newest update.

By Woozie, Posted 26 Jan 2017

Endless Space 2 has been out in Early Access for a while now and Amplitude Studios are most certainly not slacking when it comes to new content. After an update that introduced, among other things, the United Empire as a fifith faction, time has come for a new batch of content to be released. This time, another familiar face makes its appearance in the form of the Horatio faction. Everyone’s favorite megalomaniac is out to fill the galaxy with identical clones again and the faction’s gameplay will reflect just that. In time, you get to assimilate traits from other factions. The more you assimilate, the harder it will be for your population to grow. Horatio ships boast lesser customizable slots, yet become dangerous when fully specialized.

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The research tree has also undergone a makeover, moving further away from its Endless Legend counterpart and more into the original Endless Space’s territory. Deck building is back when it comes to space battles, with more cards coming in the future.  Three new minor factions, one of which was designed by the community, will also make their way into the game.

There are new diplomatic options and victory conditions to be found. On top of that, populations can now be moved between planets and systems, a feature I did hope would come later on, when I wrote the Endless Space 2 Preview. Lastly, low approval rating in a system can lead to rebellion which will prompt military action from the player, if they want to keep control of their planets.

You can check all the changes out here.

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