Horizon: Zero Dawn Gets Two Trailers Detailing Machines Stormbird and Behemoth

New enemies details on Horizon: Zero Dawn

By Grayshadow, Posted 11 Feb 2017

Horizon: Zero Dawn releases in a couple of weeks and Sony Interactive and developer Guerrilla Games have released the 3rd and 4th trailers detailing the Behemoth and Stormbird enemies.

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The Behemoth is a transport creature that resembles a buffalo. Using anti-gravity to transfer previous cargo from smaller acquisition-class machines into its stomach container. When hostile it charges or uses its anti-gravity tech to lift objects and hurl them. Guerrilla Games provided details on how to combat these creatures.

 Type: Transport

Habitat: All Terrain

Challenge Level: 25

Combat Weaponry:

Gravity Boulder Throw

Grinding Shrapnel Blast

Combat Melee:

Charge Attack

Quake Smash

Charging Quake Smash

Special Ability: Gravity Purge


Gravity Generators

Cryo Canisters to freeze it 

Tactics: Shoot hinges to remove cargo container

The Stormbird soars through the sky and is a combat class machine. Attacking prey from the air using quick and powerful strikes while evading attacks using wind blasts. It's wings can collect and discharge electric energy from the air. Guerrilla Games has provided information of how to fight this creature.

Type: Combat

Habitat: All Terrain – Open Areas

Challenge Level: 27

Combat Weaponry:

Shock Blast

Shock Burst

Thunder Bomb Run

Hurricane Blast

Combat Melee:

Break Smash

Thunder Rush

Jumping Claw SLash

Tail Lash

Vulnerabilites: Removing Engines

Tactics: Destroy Lightning Gun

Horizon: Zero Dawn launches on February 28th for PS4 and March 1st in EU.

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