At Long Last, New Final Fantasy 7 Remake Gameplay Released With More Information Coming Next Month

Take a look at Final Fantasy VII Remake in all its glory

By Grayshadow, Posted 10 May 2019

Since the PS3 tech demo showing off a modern looking Cloud, fans have been demanding a remake of Final Fantasy VII. Since the confirmation of Final Fantasy VII Remake you can guess what fans have been asking for since then. Now, Square Enix and Sony finally gave fans a taste of new gameplay along with a tease.

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The gameplay was shown highlights not only the active combat system, featuring Cloud and Barrett but a look at Aerith. For someone like myself who have fond memories playing the original Final Fantasy VII on the PlayStation, it's amazing to see a modern update of this iconic game. And don't worry, Sephiroth was present as well. 

The trailer did include this a disclaimer that this was development footage and subject to change.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is now in development for PS4.

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