New Nioh 2 Gameplay Shows off New Level, Mini-Boss, and Level-End Boss

Check out new gameplay for Nioh 2

By Grayshadow, Posted 07 Feb 2020

Team Ninja may have fans excited about the possibility of a new Ninja Gaiden but their next game Nioh 2 has a lot of fans eager to play. With new gameplay now available.

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The footage shows off the Kitanosho Castle level. With the protagonist taking out enemies quietly using a bow. However, not everything can be 1-shotted and direct action is sometimes necessary. The entire castle is beautifully decorated but also houses isolated fires and traps that the player must navigate through. 

The mini-boss is against a samurai warrior named Macada Toshile. A deadly warrior who uses a polearm to keep enemies at a distance but after each swing leaves himself open for counter-attacks. The player has help from an ally to take down this opponent.

The final boss is against the demon warrior Shibata Katsuie. A demon that wields 2 axes and charges the player without mercy. 

Nioh 2 launches on March 13th for PS4.

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