The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode Four - Amid the Ruins

“Amid the Ruins” blends hope and despair into, what is currently, a memorable tale of tragedy and hope.

By Grayshadow, Posted 29 Jul 2014

“Amid the Ruins” is a strong penultimate episode to The Walking Dead Season 2. As you would expect from the series things go from bad to worse, but it’s not the constant danger that makes this episode stand out. The writing is the best it’s ever been, using meaningful character development, symbolism, and choice to build a story that is emotionally draining. Telltale has already demonstrated that they can create some of the most affecting narratives in gaming, and “Amid the Ruins” reinforces these attributes.

The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode Four - Amid the Ruins,Telltale Games,Noobfeed

The previous episode left Clementine and her group in a dire situation. Caught in a swarm of Walkers and facing gunfire from Carver’s remaining gang things begin bleak from the start. “Amid the Ruins” puts you right back into the calamity, making the last tense decision you made immediately on edge. Things don’t get easier from there.

Most of the plot takes place around a Civil War historical battle site cemetery and tourist visitor center. The setting is oddly appropriate giving the conflict brewing within each character within the group. Kenny unfairly blames Clementine, Luke is slammed for leaving his post, Sarah is a mess, and despite all this the group attempts to work together to deliver Rebecca’s baby.

The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode Four - Amid the Ruins,Telltale Games,Noobfeed

The central issue is Rebecca’s impending baby and attempting to build a base of operations. Everyone is tasked with preparing for when Rebecca goes in labor and figure out how to raise a child in the hell they live in now. Characters who previously faded into the background, like Mike and Jane, true personality are shown here. Jane, although cold at times, is a strong and knowledgeable survivor while Mike reveals himself as a kind and hard-working guy.

“Amid the Ruins” doesn’t attempt to shine the spotlight on a few key characters, instead everyone has a chance to speak. Whether it’s attempting to snap Sarah out of her spiraling depression or Kenny attempting to endure another dead loved one, each one attempting them attempt to find a new reason to live is constantly brought up throughout this episode. 

Clementine is also shown differently in this episode. In the last episode Clementine felt more like an errand girl, charged with doing things simply because you were in control of her. This time she’s given enough reason for all her actions, and has choices of which ones to tackle first. Clementine has fended for herself plenty of times throughout season 2 but here she’s made the unofficial leader, making decisions in the heat of the moment and who’s voice is more powerful than anyone else in the group. “Amid the Ruins” present some of the most difficult decisions in season 2, morally cryptic choices that further mold Clementine. If you’ve following Clementine since season 1 then you’ll realize she isn’t another character, but someone you truly know.

“Amid the Ruins” emphasizes what we already know what Telltale Games is capable of. Clementine has grown into a powerful leader, no longer spectator or errand girl, but on the front lines of every attack. Making quick decisions in life-and-death situation, and determining the fate of others. “Amid the Ruins” blends hope and despair into, what is currently, a memorable tale of tragedy and hope.

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