Beyond Blue PlayStation 4 Review

Beyond Blue lets you swim alongside marine biologists from the future, tagging and learning about the creatures that occupy our world's oceans.

By Kiemour, Posted 14 Jun 2020

If you've ever had even an inkling of interest in marine biology or wondered what life is like under the sea, Beyond Blue is a game you'll definitely want to check out. Unlike a typical adventure game, it plays like an interactive cinematic that focuses on its characters and story. Although the title only allows characters to swim through the ocean and scan the environment, it remains an enjoyable game for players who are looking for a comfortable gaming experience. With its superb graphics, detailed characters, and expansive open world, players of all ages will get to see what it is like to swim with whales, dolphins, and learn how humans have negatively impacted Earth's oceans.

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In Beyond Blue, you play as Mirai, a marine biologist who was first introduced to diving by her grandmother. After seeing the sights below the surface, she knew that this was her biggest dream come true. Upon encountering whales and beginning to learn about their habits, survivability tactics, and relationships with one another, she knew for sure that she had to dig deeper. Thus, Beyond Blue's story kicks off with her tracking a group of whales tagged during her last dive, months before the events of the game. 

During Beyond Blue's many dives, players will be given opportunities to scan any creatures they come across. The more creatures of one type that are scanned, the more information is revealed about them. With this, players are later able to summon a model of the creatures in their submarine base, showing how they swim, play, and even what they sound like.

Designed as a game with an educational focus, Beyond Blue's explorable open world invites players to scan just about everything on-screen. The graphics used in this game were so detailed that you could clearly distinguish a manta ray from a turtle from a distance just by its unique swimming patterns and detailed features. Not only do you get to see underwater beings rendered using stunning and intricately detailedB graphics, but completing each chapter of Mirai's journey unlocks a new video clip that shows real-life scientists explore the ocean, encountering the same creatures that players are uncovering for themselves. These documentary clips are captivating, informative, and not terribly long, so that you can get back to the next dive as soon as possible. 

Between dives, players find out more about Mirai's life and meet her fellow scientists, André and Irina. While these characters are only heard and not seen, the conversations between the three provide extensive details about life on land, shining a light on the fact that modern scientists also have troubles at home. That being said, they still encounter a multitude of problems below the surface, which the crew is quick to discover. 

On PlayStation 4, the game handles very smoothly and the ambient music contributes to the peaceful feeling you get while being underwater. The game clearly gives instructions and is perfect for introducing new players to console play. As you progress throughout the game, you unlock new gadgets like underwater drones, capable of identifying the specific characteristics of each creature, such as the unique design on an orca's dorsal fin. Personally, it was hard to follow each waypoint because I kept getting distracted by unscanned fish. However, the map is easily accessible and the waypoints clear, making sure that I never got lost. The game also allows users to dive back in at any time after completing the main story, and scan creatures they've yet to discover.

Beyond Blue, Open Ocean, Game, Screenshots

Beyond Blue's faults are barely noticeable and easily fixed when they occur. For example, there were a couple of times when the on-screen character would hit the ceiling of the game's ocean, and be unable to swim upwards. While this would normally be understandable, there were unscanned fish above the player, which implies that the area should be available to explore. Secondly, upon entering the submarine that serves as the player's base, a random song will begin playing over the radio. The game does not, however, tell players that they are able to go over to the music console (next to the pilot chair of the submarine) and change tracks or turn off the music altogether.

Beyond Blue is a welcome idea in the world of gaming, inviting players to learn as much as they can about creatures of the deep. Even for those not looking for an educational game, the title has enjoyable, simple controls and an entertaining story that keeps players hooked for its 3-and-a-half-hour length. Despite its short story, the game offers plenty of replayability, even if just to relive the majesty of the world beneath the surface.

Beyond Blue is now available for iOS, PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Kieran Mouritsen
Editor, NoobFeed

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