FIFA 23 Xbox Series X Review

FIFA 23 takes a little leap from its predecessors and serves as a fitting send-off to football's most prolific IP.

By Rayan, Posted 03 Oct 2022

In the realm of video games, FIFA is somewhat of a legendary franchise. Even though EA Sports releases a new FIFA game every year, this year's game, FIFA 23, has more riding on it than just meeting the lofty standards set by its devoted fan base. EA Sports has placed a significant amount of stock in this innovative gameplay style by including both hyper-motion and a more dynamic user interface. Since its debut, FIFA has been around for 29 years, and this year's installment, FIFA 23, will be the last in the series. FIFA Series will be changed to EA Sports FC the following year since EA has decided to sever its connection with FIFA. As the last test before the onslaught of license exclusivities among rivals in the industry, including the soccer federation and its aspirations in gaming, FIFA 23 is perhaps a fitting release for a proper goodbye.

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FIFA 23 is one of the most substantial new installments in the series because of all the extra content it has included for players. Women's football teams are a great addition, especially for newcomers to the sport, while there is still a ton of great content to be discovered beyond expanding the existing roster. The UI is consistent and won't provide any distractions, even if the colors do. After a few noteworthy additions, this season's FIFA-themed episode is a welcome breath of fresh air. The game is progressing toward the ideal experience for its audience. In respect of presentation, FIFA 23 has made significant progress. Stunning visuals of the players are being shown before the matches, which will surely get fans excited for the approaching game. This time, the virtual crowd is considerably more engaged, as everyone waves flags and yells along with the performers. As a bonus, it's great to see EA Sports adding new information and camera angles to break up the monotony of the game's repeated sequences. It seems that the series has made significant progress in improving the visuals.

The subtle but significant development of the game mechanism stands out among the many changes. Implementation of Hypermotion 2 technology Changes in the matches' trajectories reflect this. These enhancements are the product of a patent held by Electronic Arts and are based on the sophisticated capturing of actual matches using Xsens suits. At its core, the already impressive HyperMotion gaming engine has been further refined for FIFA 23. By using motion capture and data to generate more high-quality animations, HyperMotion2 raises the standard for realistic gaming. Players respond more consistently in realistic ways, whether hitting the ball, making a run for a through ball or completing the appropriate passes to threaten the opposition. This means that beyond the abstract concepts of machine learning and match data, players will experience gameplay closer to the real sport of football.

FIFA 23, Xbox Series X, Review, Hypermotion 2, Free Kick, Gameplay, Screenshots, NoobFeed

The on-field animations are far smoother and lifelike than in the previous installment. On offense and defense, the placement, tackles, and tackles between players, as well as the pathways the ball takes and the apparent degree to which it sticks abnormally to the players' foot, all give the impression of being more genuine and natural. Although there are still some strange motions and iconic flaws of the AI players, the overall experience is less annoying than it was in past years, which is a positive change. A new system is implemented to make dribbling more fluid and to provide players more freedom of movement. Regularly, the AI also makes some quite intelligent choices. The game's tempo is more natural and well-balanced now, too. Attacking the goal from a wide position on the half-field line seems like a longer sprint than usual. Due to the acceleration modifications, slower defenders can keep up with faster strikers. Attacking midfielders that are a little slower might have a bigger impact on the game because of their dexterity with the ball. Everything seems more equal in terms of speed now.

The general consensus is that 23 is a slower game because the importance of a player's speed is far less than it was in the past. There are a few exceptions to this rule, such as the new AcceleRATE sprinting system, which allows certain players to get off to an earlier advantage while other players need more time to get up to speed. However, passing has been given more significance this time since it is somewhat more difficult to just outrun a defense. Set-pieces have also been given their umpteenth revamp; this time, we believe that EA has got it just right. The gameplay for free kicks and corners requires you to move a line to determine the direction of the kick, and then you use the right stick to add a bend to it. Even though EA has redesigned free kicks and penalties, the new free kicks function similarly to the old corners. If you're trying to defend, you may now send a player to lie face down behind the wall. To take a penalty in FIFA 23, you point the left stick in the desired direction and then release it while you don't know where it's headed. You should be concerned about the brand-new Composure Ring around the ball. When it's at its smallest, taking the shot will result in a successful.

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EA Sports's choice of gameplay modes are mostly unchanged from last year. Unfortunately, there is no story mode. There are also no mentions of major tournaments like the World Cup in Qatar or the European Championships for women. The successor to FIFA Street, VOLTA Football, does get a few additional elements that make the game just as hip and enjoyable as its illustrious predecessor. Although the game modes have not been updated, the intriguing VOLTA Arcade has received new mini-games such as King of Dribble or Futgolf and is available anytime, unlike FIFA 22. VOLTA has been updated with new XL venues, bonuses, and features, making it one of the most enjoyable modes in which football is transformed into a carnival of stalling, hesitating, sprinting, and improvising. Regrettably, however, Volta never quite measures up to the excitement of FIFA Street 2, even though it has the elements of creative football, characteristic power-ups, and arcade game modes for players to explore.

The chemistry system and the way stars are earned in Moments have been revamped in FIFA 23's Ultimate Team mode, making for some interesting new possibilities. Here, you are tasked with completing several dynamic situations using the talents of a select group of players. The appearance of themed, time-limited Moments has me dubious since it may encourage gamers to buy more packs than they otherwise would for the sake of obsessive completionist goals. Regarding the leveling-up mechanism, the FUT Moments increase the return on your investment in FIFA Ultimate Team. These new events are inspired by season-long matches and events. The game will give circumstances based on soccer events, current matches, and original happenings. These three-level tasks may be accomplished in minutes. By conquering them, we receive stars that unlock players, packs, and other stuff, opening a new growth route. In all fairness, though, if one exercises some self-control, it is technically feasible to play FUT without paying a single thing. This is due to the relative generosity with which EA hands away freebies, as they are likely eager to remove themselves from charges of performing unethical business methods.

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My favorite Career Mode has returned with some new features and gameplay twists. You can now acquire a unique speed archetype through completing challenges, achieving in-game success, and making strategic choices. In addition, you can establish your own potential as a player by using the tried-and-true system of skill points. Everything in this mode depends on how well you perform to gain the coach's confidence. Even if you have a high potential, getting into the starting lineup will be tough if you fail to meet the mission objectives. You can manage the whole squad or your character, but you'll still be held accountable for completing mission objectives. There's a new feature that lets your earnings be spent on different purposes, and it's engaging too. It gives the feel of a real-life player who can invest his earnings in business or fancy watches and cars. There is a more conventional strategy when you're the coach. However, EA did not intend for this area to be as in-depth as a genuine sports management simulator. You can't control a female player in this mode despite the addition of the women's team, as there are no tournaments or leagues pitched explicitly for women.

The next-gen rendition of FIFA 23 is, without a doubt, a breathtaking sight to see from a purely technical perspective. Although there isn't a substantial visual jump in presentation, the technological and graphical refining are apparent. The animations and textures are growing more gorgeous and detailed as time passes. This can also be observed in the stadiums and the spectators themselves. The inclusion of cross-platform play is, by far and away, the most significant alteration that has been made off the field. This implies that matching is possible across several platforms, including PC, Stadia, Xbox, and PlayStation. Even if it's fantastic news, the possibilities are still quite restricted. The fact that cross-play in FIFA 23 is only available for one-on-one matches is a significant barrier. Perhaps in future releases, more flexibility and cross-play features will be added to the game.


In the end, FIFA 23 is a fantastic soccer simulation. A presentation deserved by the next-gen consoles and is close to being groundbreaking. The available game modes are engaging, appealing, and mostly fun. For the last installment in the EA Sports-led FIFA series, it seems appropriate that FIFA 23 goes above and beyond to build upon its already strong fundamentals. Although certain sections, such as the VOLTA Football and Career Mode, still need to be addressed, everything else has been enhanced in both significant and inconsequential ways. There's hope for the future of EA SPORTS FC thanks to the company's Hypermotion technology and other enhancements, which have helped them score big on the field. This last chapter takes a little leap from its predecessors and serves as a fitting send-off to football's most prolific IP. If you're a football/soccer fan, you can't miss playing FIFA 23.

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