Mafia 2 (PC)

By The_Icon, Posted 02 Sep 2010

The original Mafia is still my favorite game of all time when it launch years ago on the PC. Back then there was nothing quite like it, sure it was an open world game inspired by GTA, but it was far more than that. It was a hybrid of linear gameplay with an open world setting. I instantly loved Mafia with its strong characters to the amazing story line and great action in between.


I knew Mafia 2 will never able to surpass or even reach the potential of the original but then again which game can? I decided to get the game regardless of the reviews, I got it on the PC as its traditonally better game on that platform and this one was no exception. What I really loved about Mafia 2 is how modern hardware (especially if you have powerful rig) allows so much detail to the city of Empire Bay in which the game takes place. Simply put, Mafia 2 is the most gorgeous open world game I have seen and definitely one of the best looking games this year. I really loved the early part of the game when it takes place during the backdrop of winter World War II America. I never seen any open world game in winter clothing, Mafia 2 was the 1st and at times i rubbed my hand in cold, LOL.



Mafia 2, just like the original is a linear game at heart with an open world setting. Missions are mostly very linear but multiple ways to handle it. The linearity allows missions to be more focused which is not possible in open world games, but the game switches to the open world setting whenever its time to escape or tail someone, it works really well and I believe it gives Mafia 2 it's own image rather than your typical GTA knock off.


The irony is, game editors complain open world games for copying too much from GTA. But now we have a game that creates it own brand of open world gameplay, editors like IGN is still not satisfied and attacked the game because it is not as open as 'GTA'. Bunch of Hippocrates if you ask me.

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  • I have my copy at home but no PC to play ;( Nice review btw. I can't wait to see how much open world type it is.

    Posted Sep 05, 2010

  • thanks amaya

    Posted Sep 05, 2010

  • I have heard it is nowehre near as good as the original despite the superb graphics and amazing story

    Posted Sep 13, 2010

  • @Ev3rton: True, the original had superb and engaging story, you love the main character. I can't say same for this game though.

    Posted Sep 19, 2010

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