• What does a review means to you?

    Category: Blogs, Posted 01 Oct 2010

    Games are alot expensive than they used to be. New titles range from 50$ to 60$, we cant all buy

  • Going digital is now a necessity!

    Category: Blogs, Posted 19 Sep 2010

    When Sony and Microsoft announced that they will release small digital games for their respective

  • Hey n00bs!

    Category: Blogs, Posted 07 Sep 2010

    Hi guys. My name is Adnan Ahmed, I am from Bangladesh and I am a hardcore gamer. I used to hang o

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Dragon Age Origins (PC & PS3)

Posted 03 Sep 2010

The latest tale from the makers of great RPGs like Mass Effect and Knights of the Old Republic takes us back in the medieval fantasy when Dragons spread thei

Mafia 2 (PC)

Posted 02 Sep 2010

The original Mafia is still my favorite game of all time when it launch years ago on the PC. Back then there was nothing quite like it, sure it was an open w

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