Star Fox 64 3D

Star Fox 64 3D is a good remake of a great game.

By Grayshadow, Posted 10 Sep 2011

It was in 1997 when Star Fox 64 first blessed the Nintendo 64 with a well-crafted and addicting adventure that appealed to both casual and dedicated gamers. Fox McCloud is back and it is up to him, Slippy Toad, Falco Lombardi, and Peppy Hare to stop Andross once again. Similar to Ocarina of Time this remake went thorough makeover for its 3DS release, but this is merely cosmetic. This is essentially the same game but still has the same level of enjoyment that it had back then. The evil scientist Andross was exiled to deserted world of Venom. It is there that he coordinates an attack on the planet Corneria and overwhelming the forces of General Pepper. General Pepper enlists the help of the mercenary team of Star Fox to fend off the attack and take the fight to Andross on Venom.

 If you remember how the N64 version of Star Fox 64 looked then you’ll be surprise of how this remake enhanced those visuals. The entire game has gone through a graphic update and it looks great. The developers removed all the polygonal shapes from the original and fully utilize the 3DS’s power to create some impressive environments, water effects, and explosions. The 3D function is amazing and works very well with the game. Enabling the 3D effect does create an added depth allowing the player to see meteors and lasers fly pass as the player navigates throughout the planets of the Lylat system. This does breath some fresh life into the game for those who already experience the game previously.

If you’ve played Star Fox before then you’ll be familiar with the core concept of the game. You play as Fox McCloud, Arwing pilot, and it’s your job to stop Andross by shooting anything in your path. This sounds simple however the entire game is fast-pace, tense, and challenging. Completing missions alone can be simple enough but getting the gold medal in each stage will require some exceptional high flying skills, repeated visit, and familiarizing yourself with the patterns of each stage. The gameplay is simple but satisfying and thrilling.

Everything from the original game is here and it is clear that Nintendo didn’t want to diverge from the original. However unlike the original you can choose your path to different planets. This does give players more options if their unable to find the secret paths hidden throughout the game. Other new features include a score-attack mode in which players compete for highscores.

Multiplayer is also available for up to 4 players through Download Play. Unfortunately the game doesn’t support online and is local only. Players contend in an arena-base combat that utilizes powerups similar to Mario Kart games. There is also an option to turn on the 3DS camera and see the face of your friend as you shoot him/her out of the sky. The developers did an excellent job of converted the controls to the 3DS. Everything from maneuvering your Arwing to barrel rolling is responsive and easy to grasp. There is also a gyroscope function that works well but can be difficult if you intend to play it with the 3D effect on. The gyro controls can be used in combination with the circle-pad.

Star Fox 64 3D is a good remake of a great game. It’s annoying that Nintendo didn’t include any new content or put online multiplayer into the game. Compared to Ocarina of Time’s content this remake seems rather sallow. Ultimately the developers mostly improved the graphics of the game, there is no meaningful update to justify the $40 if someone already played or still has a copy of the original game. However despite these negative qualities it is still a fun, addicting, and convenient game for the go.

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  • I remember Star Fox 64. It was a good game but what's the point of remaking if they don't add any new feature to it? I absolutely agree with you about the price tag.

    Posted Sep 10, 2011


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