Happy birthday Devil May Cry

By RedWolf37, Posted 24 Oct 2011

There are game franchises that that never get off the ground, game franchises that stick around for a very long time, and finally there are game franchises that come to an end eventually.  If a game franchise sticks around for 10 years plus, it's pretty much a guarantee that the franchise isn't going anywhere.  This brings me to Devil May Cry, happy birthday to such an incredible franchise that has finally hit the 10 year mark.  This one is special though.  There have been so far a total of 4 games in this historic franchise.  I remember when the first game came out, at that time I was only 14 years old.  I remember my mom got me this game for my birthday, of course there was that nasty little mark of an M rating by the ESRB, but I was also much more mature than most kids at my age.  I had played the likes of Resident Evil, Onimusha, Grand Theft Auto, and Metal Gear Solid.  (Mom I love you for going through hell and high water for getting me those games!)  But back on to topic.  4 games!!!  You really don't need a yearly base game to have a very good franchise.  Capcom has done a lot of things wrong as of late, but if there is one thing that they did right, It's Devil May Cry.


"This was going to be Resident Evil!?"

Hard to believe but Devil May Cry was originally going to be a Resident Evil game.  But this "Resident Evil" game was going to take place in mid-evil times.  It wasn't going to be pretty, so things got changed around.  Thus Devil May Cry was born.  From opening cinematic to finishing credits, this game was just smashes mouth in your face nonstop action!  Each time you would put on sick chain combos, you would be ranked on how well you did.  Dull being worst and Stylish being best.  The ability to upgrade weapons and techniques was also put in the game.  It's fixed camera angles gave it a Resident Evil feel, the combat was nothing like ever seen in any game ever before.  Monster design was incredible too.  Though the games story seemed a little sketchy, It was headed in the correct direction with the story of Dante, his twin brother Vergil, there mom Eva, The lovely and sexy Trish, and of course the dark knight himself Sparda.  Whoever said sex, drugs, and rock n' roll never worked is a liar.  Because it worked on this game.  The game went to win many awards and In my honest opinion, inspired many other great action games such as the God of War series on PlayStation, and the Ninja Gaiden reboots that team ninja has done for the Xbox.

Devil May Cry 2 Pictures, Images and Photos

"YES a sequel!!!!  WHAT!?  Total junk!?!?!


When Devil May Cry 2 came out I was ecstatic!  The game was 2 disks long but each disk had its own playable character. Lucia a female character got her very own disk.  Though the game was really short for her.  I thought the game drifted to far away from what it had already set up.  A good story, cool characters, and importantly, the monsters seemed to have a half way decent design.  Nothing was great from the first game.  The combat seemed to be better though with very improved graphics.  Combat seemed to flow much easier this time around.  Though a good half the time it seemed like I was building up my stylish meter with just evades techniques.  Though the many negatives on the sequel, the game was still good.  What really took it down was no story in my opinion.  Devil May Cry would go on a few year disappearing act.  It would have to go back to the drawing board.


"The best game to come out in the series"

When Devil May Cry 3 came out I was really skeptical on how the game would be.  Devil May Cry 2 was really a letdown in my eyes.  For starters you would be playing as a younger Dante, and since when do prequels have a 3 instead of a 0?  So I waited till the game went on sale.  I bought it, and I must say the game was awesome!  The rock n' roll style that the game had from Devil May Cry 1 was back in full force.  Smash mouth gameplay, and the sick style of combat made this game just excellent.  What stood out the most was the story.  It finally built upon what Devil May Cry 1 left on was a really good story.  The ability to upgrade your weapons and abilities had been totally retooled.  There was a new style system where you could choose up to 4 styles and unlock 2 later in the game.  These styles are trickster, sword master, gun slinger, and royal guard.  The ability to choose which abilities you wanted was a much needed welcome, and really fun too.  The game would add RPG elements to the game with the ability to level up your styles.  the higher the level the better the combos.  The ability to select which mission you wanted to play was a much welcome need to the game also.  After you have beaten the game you could go back and replay certain levels instead of having to go through the whole game again.  The weapons where really awesome too.  Each time you would beat a boss, you would get a new weapon.  Not just a sword either, new guns, swords, nun chuck, and electric guitar.  The monster design of the game was great too.  The rock n' roll style of Devil May Cry was back!  And with the Add-ons of new characters like Lady and Arkham, The games story really bloomed.  The ability to change weapons on the fly was a much welcomed too.  As an added bonus, the game would get a special edition which allowed you to play as Dantes brother Vergil.  And Vergil is awesome!!!  But fans would have to wait till the next console generation to see a new Devil May Cry.

"What I wanted was this game, but instead.....


....I got this game!"


When the PlayStation still had games like Devil May Cry, I was really excited to see this game go to its full potential.  The graphics looked like they were going to just blow my mind.  I saw the original trailer for Devil May Cry 4 and I was impressed.  The game would go into hiding and would go back to the drawing board.  It was later confirmed that the game was headed to XBox 360 and PlayStation 3.  At the time I was really happy because I didn't have my PlayStation 3 yet.  But I was also confused.  They scrapped a good idea to bring the game to 2 consoles!?  Well regardless I was happy that both console owners got to play Devil May Cry.  The game took a drastic turn though in having a new playable character named Nero, The story had drifted again away from Dante's past and had gone into a new direction of Nero and his struggles.  At the same time though, there are still many unanswered questions.  Why is Vergil's sword broken?  What's the deal with Nero’s arm?  Is that Vergil’s arm?  How is it that Nero can wield a sword of Sparda?  Why does Nero’s devil trigger look like Vergil in a sick and twisted sense?  Oh well, graphically the game was really awesome!  At the time it pushed the 360 to its limits and PS3 could handle it.  Nero’s arm made the combat awesome in my opinion.  You could also go back and forth between Dante and Nero.  New characters and the return of Lady and Trish made my day!  Can’t have a rock n' roll game without sexy ladies.  Point is, the game plays like Devil May Cry 3 on new console.  The game was great but same game different console feel. 


"MY HAIR!!!!!!  My beautiful white hair!"

Not too long ago, Capcom gave up the rights to develop a game to Ninja Theory and Devil May Cry is getting a reboot.  The name of the reboot is DMC!  Not everyone is giving this game a warm welcome!  But I welcomed it with open arms.  It's a new decade and Dante needs a new look.  I have grown old and the heavy metal scene is wearing down on me.  What this game is trying to do in my opinion is age with its audience.  I have grown old and worn out even though I am only 24 years old.  But so has Dante it seems like.  Even though he looks young and worn down.  Many gamers have wrote off this game already because of Dantes new look.  They have gone off on it and refuse to buy it.  I like the new look.  I have a message for those that are going off on the new game.  Just grow up.  You're going to buy the game anyway and you’re going to like the game.  You don't have to like the games new style, but don't go off on the creative genius trying his darndest to make a good game. 

I really like that this series has been out for a longtime now.  I hope this series gets 10 more years added to its life.  I have seen many good game series go under because of too many games in it.  Tony Hawk fell from grace, Guitar Hero, and Duke Nukem.  Calls of Duty is still a young game series and are already 8 games in.  You really don't need a billion games to make a good franchise.  However though you do need a billion games to get greedy rich.  Happy birthday Devi May Cry and keep on rocking!


Now let's rock baby!!!!

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  • It's a shame but I've never played a DMC game. On the other hand you seem to be deeply attached with this series. Even though DMC is an old series, unlike RE series or FF series it didn't get the attention it deserved.

    Posted Oct 25, 2011

  • @Amaya

    well you're in luck!  Just announced the Devil May Cry HD Collection for Xbox 360 and PS3.  Yes Devil May Cry always seems to get the back burner.  Could be worse though, could be Megaman and either get cancelled or just get no attention period.  Speaking of which it is a crying shame that Megaman Legends 3 and Megaman Universe are now cancelled titles.  And unlike Red Dead or Duke Nukem they can't be saved.  I would have thought Capcom would pay more specail attention to the franchise that put them on the map.  Like I said here in this blog, Capcom has had questionable descions but they have not gone wrong when it comes to Devil May Cry.

    Posted Oct 26, 2011

  • Judging by the number of games Capcom has delivered, it's not surprising that one or two games get canceled even after announced. Tells how busy their crew are making games. But yes, when a title like Megaman gets canceled, it does break hearts of million fans. But there must have been some big issues.  And I could buy the HD collection but to be honest with you, DMC has never made me curious or interested towards it.

    Posted Oct 26, 2011

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