Sega Dreamcast has been one of the best gaming consoles of all time, period. As you would expect, there are hundreds if not a thousand games available. But today, we will take a deep look into several titles, the ones that are considered as the best and the most appealing for most gamers. These are the top 5, most popular games of all time.

Sega Dreamcast

1. Resident Evil: Code Veronica

Resident Evil: Code Veronica is a stunning development that came after Resident Evil 2. It is a new sequel that follows the same story of zombie breakout in Raccoon City. Your mission is to survive and to prevent the virus from spreading across the globe. The horror scenes are so much better than in the first 2 sequels which made this game one of the best and extremely popular. When it comes to graphics and basic elements, they were similar to Resident Evil 2 and there were no major improvements. However, the storyline, the details, and the horror elements were some of the best and made this game a must-play even today.


2. Seaman

Seaman has to be on our list due to two main reasons. The first one is popularity. It is known as one of the best-selling games of all time. The second reason is weird and strange gameplay. A player would control well, Seaman. It is a creature that looks like a mixture between a sea animal and a human. Your goal is to help him grow and develop all his skills. You would use a microphone to give him instructions and Seaman could speak back to you. The narrator in the game was Leonard Nimoy! The game is also one of the most popular Dreamcast ROMs at the moment and it will likely stay there.


3. Shenmue II

Keep in mind that we are referring to the original game, developed over a decade ago. We are telling you this because there is a sequel available today. The game is a slow action and adventure development with great character improvement capabilities. The graphics were advanced back in the day and it still looks satisfactory. The main advantage of the game is the massive amount of options and the detailed stories followed by accurate and suitable characters. Overall, gamers get the complete package and they are ready to spend days developing their character and completing the levels.


4. Sonic Adventure 2

You may wonder why this special sequel is on our list. The secret is in the overall design of the game. While previous versions were relatively simple and based on fast-paced gameplay, Sonic Adventure 2 is more advanced, more sophisticated. The game comes with many mini-games, puzzles, and also a desirable story. There is fast-paced gameplay as well, but now it is paired with more sophisticated capabilities. Multiple playable characters and also vehicular sections made the game extremely popular back at the time when Sega Dreamcast ruled the gaming communities all over the country! Besides all of what we have mentioned, the game is appealing in terms of exploration. Now players are able to explore all the levels and to find hidden gems.


5. Crazy Taxi

To better understand the popularity of the Crazy Taxi game, you should know that over time it was developed and ported to literally any game-capable device. You were able to play the game on PC a few years ago. The fast-paced gameplay probably was the biggest and the main advantage, period. Your mission was to drive a taxi and deliver as many passengers to their desired destination as soon as possible. You were able to use shortcuts, hills, ramps and so much more to achieve your mission.



There is a massive list of Sega Dreamcast games that were sold in millions, but these 5 are above the average. In fact, they are the best of the best and they still deserve huge popularity among retro gamers. If you are one of them, you will want to get the ROMs (you know what they are) and play all of these titles. They have been popular due to the reasons we have mentioned above and they are real gems to play.



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