Destiny 2: The Final Shape: How to Obtain Exotic Armor

Obtain Exotic Armor by following this guide.

By nine_toes, Posted 13 Jun 2024

Destiny 2: The Final Shape has introduced an array of new exotic armor pieces that players are eager to get their hands on. In this guide, we will walk you through the methods of acquiring these coveted items, detailing the steps and requirements needed to enhance your Guardian's gear.

With the release of The Final Shape, Bungie has added exciting new exotic armor pieces for each class. These exotics bring unique abilities and perks, making them highly desirable for both PvE and PvP activities. This guide will explain how you can acquire these new exotics, either through the Legend Campaign or by focusing engrams at the Cryptarch in the Tower. We'll also cover the details on how to efficiently rank up and unlock these powerful items.



Rank 16 and Resetting

Reset Rank D2TFS

To begin this process, you need to reach rank 16 with the Cryptarch. Once you hit this rank, you can reset it to unlock a new focusing option. By accessing the focus decoding menu after resetting your rank, you will see a third tab specifically for purchasing the new exotic armor pieces.


Legend Campaign Exotics

Legend Difficulty Reward D2TFS

The simplest method to obtain new exotic armor in The Final Shape is by completing the Legend Campaign. At the end of the campaign, players are given the option to choose one of the two new exotic pieces available for their class. This provides a straightforward path for those who complete the campaign on this challenging difficulty.


Cryptarch in the Tower

Another method to acquire new exotic armor is via the Cryptarch in the Tower. Previously, players relied on Lost Sectors to farm for these items. However, with The Final Shape, Bungie has introduced a focusing system that allows you to purchase exotic armor once you reach a particular rank with the Cryptarch.

The third tab mentioned only becomes available after the rank reset. You can then purchase the new exotic armor pieces for one exotic engram and an exotic cipher. This method is more efficient than relying on random drops from Lost Sectors.


Focusing Requirements

If the third tier of focusing is not available, you will still need to have earned the items in collections previously. To reach rank 17, you need approximately 6000 reputation points, which you can gain by decrypting engrams. Different types of decryptions provide varying amounts of XP: Prime Engrams provide 100 XP each, while Exotic Engrams give 150 XP each. Advanced focusing grants 250 XP, and Tier 2 focusing offers 500 XP.


Ranking Up with Engrams

It takes either 12 Tier 2 focuses, which grant 500 XP each, or 24 Advanced focuses, which grant 250 XP each, to reach the max level on roll. Alternatively, if relying purely on exotic engrams without focusing, it would require around 40 exotic engrams, which is time-consuming. If you're not in a rush, you can decrypt engrams normally. However, for faster progress, spending engrams on Tier 2 focusing, which is in the second page of Rowell's focusing menu, is the most efficient method.


Where to Find Exotic Engrams

To farm exotic engrams, you can obtain them from the season pass, find them as random drops in the game world, or complete updated Lost Sectors, which now have a chance to drop exotic engrams instead of specific armor pieces.


Tier 3 Focusing Option

Focus Option D2TFS

Once you have the Tier 3 focusing option, you can spend an exotic engram and a cipher to pick up any of the new exotic armor pieces. Keep in mind that focusing efficiently is key to maximizing progress.

Because of confusion in the past, Bungie has clarified that a stack of 10 exotic engrams should be enough to reach the maximum rank. However, this requires spending those engrams on Tier 2 focusing to make significant progress.

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